Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace Jackie Chan donated the first animal – removal of Beijing, according to Xinhua news agency, Taipei, November 14 (reporter Fu Min Liu? Li Kai) 14, Taipei Museum of the Imperial Palace South Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the "south") the demolition of Hongkong star Jackie Chan donated 12 copies of the first animal ". Taiwan scholars pointed out that the move is purely political, is the DPP’s cultural independence, to China, the specific performance. Day 10 am, demolition work began. Responsible for the demolition work Chinese Culture University Art Department Pu Haoming said, the staff will put the beast first and then screw loose, waxing maintenance, reusable plastic wrap sealed, removal of each animal’s first process took about 1.5 hours. A scene in the "supervision" of the Democratic Progressive Party people shouting, movie star Jackie Chan and donations with "United Front" means "south hospital" can not display the "united front work". In December 2015, the Imperial Palace Museum of Taipei south hospital opening of trial operation, the Hongkong movie star Jackie Chan presented the "Twelve heads" replica is planning and design for outdoor public art works, placed in the south of the square outside the main building ". But the first animal show after the destruction of the horse and Longshou was splashed with red paint, and sprayed with "Culture United Front", Pro Green politicians and media to wantonly "to Chinese" political manipulation. In September this year, the new president of the Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace Lin Zhengyi publicly announced the first beast will be removed. China KMT representatives Chen Xuesheng held 14 press conference pointed out that the demolition of heads is "political kidnapping", not very professional, do not respect public opinion, Taipei the Imperial Palace museum also deliberately manipulated the poll. Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace, removed the first beast will be placed in the warehouse, in the internal discussions and then decide how to deal with.相关的主题文章: