Michelin star alleged unlicensed Tai’an door commitment before the end of November a new Michelin said: the relocation of Star Restaurant "Tai’an", is operating without license, before the end of November will be relocated. Xinmin Xinmin Evening News Photo by Hu Yanxun a new Michelin Star Restaurant "Tai’an", is operating without license, before the end of November will be relocated. 11 this morning, the Changning District Market Supervision Bureau told the reporter gives the reply. It is reported that in June this year, the Changning District Market Supervision Bureau received 109 Tai’an Road residents get calls reflect Tai’an Road No. 113 Building 1 suspected unlicensed food service establishments. Residents also had to noise and irregularities, to reflect the environmental protection and urban management departments, territorial street has held a special seminar, requiring all departments to dispose of according to law. Law enforcement personnel on-site inspection found that operating without a food business license and business license, immediately to the party system of the notice shall be ordered to cease operations. Only for internal use hospitality operators commitment, no foreign business profit. Caption: Tai’an had repeatedly suffered complaints from residents, law enforcement supervision departments repeatedly come. Xinmin Xinmin Evening News Photo by Hu Yanxun, and reflect the residents even in the reception, there will be air conditioning noise and smoke nuisance problems. Xinhua Road market regulators repeatedly carry out raids, and at the end of July to the dining place, clean kitchen refrigerator and other facilities were seized, and again clearly requires the parties shall be foreign business activities. Caption: Tai’an door posted closed notice. Xinmin Xinmin Evening News Photo by Hu Yanxun in September this year, the surrounding residents to the market supervision bureau of inspection of law enforcement personnel, provides the dining secretly online booking, payment settlement network, provide paid foreign catering services and other relevant evidence, the Xinhua Road market supervision in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "immediate food safety law", start the investigation procedure. In view of the June related food service approval regulations ("Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act"), it is unable to obtain the food service license, the parties pledged in accordance with the requirements of market regulatory authorities, no foreign business. At the same time, the parties that have found new premises, will complete the relocation and renovation personnel disposal work before the end of November. In the meantime, regulators will further increase the daily supervision and inspection of the, once found to continue its foreign operations, strictly according to the law. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Jin Minyi) hot news: Shanghai new construction planning of 9 rail lines in Minhang by the end of the main line of G1501 relates to full width through the ramp before June next year, Wu Gencun repaired: thirty years Baked Scallion Pancake life taste of Shanghai Wang Sicong’s global beauty cool and sexy sitting with luxurious fruit tree grows Shanghai white-collar meal with hundreds of times a staggering gap between the difficulty in defending the zirendaomei weather forecast: cloudy Sunday Shanghai today and tomorrow the temperature rose to 30 degrees of rain on Tuesday

米其林一星涉嫌无证经营 泰安门承诺11月底前搬迁   图说:新晋米其林一星餐厅“泰安门”,确属无证照经营,11月底前将搬迁。新民晚报新民网 胡彦珣 摄   新晋米其林一星餐厅“泰安门”,确属无证照经营,11月底前将搬迁。今天上午11时,长宁区市场监管局向本报记者给出了回复。   据悉,今年6月期间,长宁区市场监管局陆续接到泰安路109弄居民来电来访,反映泰安路113号1楼餐饮服务场所涉嫌无证经营。居民也曾就此处相关噪音及违规问题,向环保及城管部门反映,属地街道也曾召开专题研究会,要求各个部门依法处置。执法人员现场检查发现,经营方未取得食品经营许可证和经营执照,当即向当事人制发了责令停止经营通知书。经营者承诺只作内部招待用途,不对外经营营利。 图说:泰安门此前曾多次遭到居民投诉,监管部门多次上门执法。新民晚报新民网 胡彦珣 摄   之后,居民又反映该处即使是在内部招待之时,也会有空调噪声和油烟扰民问题。新华路市场监管所多次开展突击检查,并于7月底对该餐饮场所的冰箱、厨具清洁等设施进行了查封,并再次明确要求当事人不得对外开展经营活动。 图说:泰安门的大门上贴出歇业通知。新民晚报新民网 胡彦珣 摄   今年9月,周边居民向市场监管局执法检查人员,提供了该餐饮场所私自网络预约、网络付款结算、提供有偿对外餐饮服务等相关证据,新华路市场监管所立即依照《食品安全法》相关规定,启动立案查处程序。鉴于本市6月起相关餐饮服务审批新规(《大气污染防治法》),该处无法取得餐饮服务许可证,当事人承诺将按照市场监管部门的监管要求,不对外经营。同时,当事人表示已找到新的经营场所,将于11月底前完成装修搬迁及人员处置工作。在此期间,监管部门将进一步加大对该处的日常监管检查力度,一旦发现其继续对外经营,依法从严处理。(新民晚报记者 金旻矣)   热点新闻:   上海新一轮轨交建设规划一览 9条线路涉及闵行   G1501年底主线全幅贯通 匝道明年6月前修复完毕   阿大吴根存:三十年的葱油饼 一辈子的上海味道   王思聪泡吧美女穿着清凉性感坐陪 豪华果盘长成树   沪上白领餐贴上百倍差距令人咂舌 维权困难自认倒霉   天气预报:   申城今明两天多云 周日有雨周二气温升至30度相关的主题文章: