Merkel said that next year will participate in the German election seeking a third term prime minister – Sohu news Xinhua News Agency news client in November 20th, according to German media reports, the German Prime Minister Merkel said on the 20, she will participate in next year’s general election in Germany, and the prime minister to seek re-election. According to Guangming Daily reported that the president of the German Federal Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Norbert told the CNN? Said Mr R ttgen days ago, German Chancellor Merkel term is about to expire next year will again for re-election. This is one of Germany’s coalition government of the ruling party’s first high-level release a clear signal that Germany’s 2017 election in Merkel will seek re-election. The German Bundestag elections will be held in the autumn of 2017, after the election of the federal parliament elected the next prime minister. Once Merkel is re elected, it will be her fourth term as prime minister, former Prime Minister Cole is expected to tie the German record in 16 years of record. Merkel has been in power for more than 10 years, according to the basic law of Germany, the German Federal prime minister did not limit the number of re-election, so she ran for re-election without any institutional barriers.相关的主题文章: