"Action" from the Mekong River burning to the tail or is the biggest surprise "the National Archives of the Mekong River action" director Eddie Peng Zhang Hanyu staged a tough guy hunt "special action" the Mekong River will become the biggest dark horse surprise and national day this year? Shenyang yesterday after watching film, it has completely conquered the media and theater people, under the control of Lin Chaoxian, "the Mekong River action" burning from top to tail, very fast-paced scenes conversion actors performing flawless, smooth and clean, 2 hours of viewing experience is a word: cool. 10 netizens and Daliaohe viewing group also had the honor to watch the film in advance. As part of the Ministry of public security and other related support "Mekong River action", has been playing on the red film brand, Lin Chaoxian has put the "main melody" of movies filmed a commercial blockbuster, so many people smell the recently compaction Korean film taste, "the original Chinese film also can do", not "to tell a good story," the best film adaptation "," straight to the heart "," pain to not want to speak". Mekong River action to the Mekong River, "10· 5" case of the true story of material creation. In October 5, 2011, 13 Chinese crew occurred in the Mekong River murder case, the Ministry of public security, the first time to carry out a task force composed of veteran soldiers and able captains, case investigation, the full deployment of transnational crime. In the Mekong River Basin enforcement security cooperation mechanism in the old Burma framework of China actively advocated the establishment of the ad hoc group, after 10 months of hard work, captured waxy Kang and other major criminal suspects, they will be sent to the trial Chinese law. In "the Mekong River action", Zhang Hanyu plays the Yunnan narcotics captain Gao Gang led his several players to Golden Triangle with Eddie Peng as Fang Xinwu approached, together with investigation of 13 Chinese crew murder, vowing to ferret out the area of drug and behind. Perennial Golden Triangle undercover Fang Xinwu from the informant that the case of the region with the largest drug lord is arch-criminal, while behind him and foreign government forces. High rigidity and Fang Xinwu through force and strategy does not stop arresting waxy Kang’s right-hand man around, finally found the waxy Kang nest. In the arrests, high rigidity and Fang Xinwu they suffered foreign corrupt military sniper, eventually Chinese narcotics team completed the task, but also put a lot of sacrifice.相关的主题文章: