"Mechanic 2" exposure "Requiem" Notice of Stenson Slaughter – Jason – Stenson interpretation of entertainment Sohu foreign killer Jessica Alba injured in the gun Tommy Lee Jones starred in Lawrence Click to enter [break false] Sohu HD Photo entertainment news by Denis Gansel directed, Jason – Stenson, Jessica – Alba, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh starred in the crime action movie mechanic 2: "Resurrection" have decided to file in October 21st released nationwide. Recently, the film side issued a "Requiem" trailer. In the elegant violin music, Jason – Stenson’s killer Arthur bishop demonstrated extraordinary killing skills, have killed the enemy. Melodious and lively background music drama contrasts strongly with popular action scenes, become super villains Du "requiem". After a lapse of five years, retired killer Arthur bishop for love coming out again, dazzling, unique way of killing that will give fans bring many surprises. Stenson killing skills upgrading "Requiem" played the first "enemy bell mechanics", Jason Stenson as the top killer Arthur bishop left a deep impression on the audience. Cool and clean killing style, invincible, can’t be held back murderous, given the role of different personality charm. In the film, bishop will detonate the device hidden in a CD player, in the end, his beloved Schubert piano, a seemingly accidental explosion will be his final goal denied, gimmick exquisite stunning. The exposure of the "Requiem" notice, clever continuation of Stenson from the first film song of death complex, dangerous atmosphere to convey a "death art". In "mechanic 2: Resurrection", Stenson assassination three targets, and to pretend no flaws accident. This time, the murder is not a means of Stenson’s dialogue: "make me do things I don’t want to do, no way." He suggested that the difficult situation of heteronomy. Although reluctantly, but on the field, Stenson is still the most important. The trailer and villain rush action scenes is not only a lot of blood ruin, shooting, melee action, more thrilling plot of God into the sea. The music from the beginning and melodious violin evolved into fusion drums and electric intense melody, collocation and rapid clip action scenes, very impact. In the "mechanic 2: Resurrection", regardless of where the enemy is hiding, Stenson will be like a ghost dive. The design of whitewash and methods of murder murder scene, but also a subtle and complex, most North American fans talked about high pool assassination scene was shown in the trailer. Stenson once again the interpretation of a better killer role, make the enemy tremble with fear in "Requiem". Stenson Jessica – Alba love scraped shot and injured five years ago in "Mechanics", tired Arthur bishop finally wash it incognito. Mechanic: 2 "Resurrection", a "old friend" he did not intend to let him, control the woman he loved Gina, forcing him out. Jessica – Alba played by Gina.相关的主题文章: