Beauty There is so much to do as the wedding day approaches. Right from deciding the guest list to the wedding trousseau, there is a wide spectrum of aspects to be decided and taken care of. Wedding is the most special day of a girls life and with all the apprehensions and preparations a bride goes through, she deserves to look her best and most beautiful for the occasion. As much as the selection of wedding trousseau and taking care of other arrangement is required so is determining the look of the bride. Although every bride wants to look the best on her wedding day yet it is daunting to accomplish your desire. There are many aspects which must be considered while deciding upon your wedding look. Firstly, it is important to decide the makeup according to the dress and the look you will wear for your wedding. Traditional overly done makeup is a thing of past. The present trend is that of elegant and chic makeup complementing the wedding dress and look. When it comes to wedding ceremonies being hosted in the city there are enumerable options available for bridal makeup artist in Kolkata. The bridal makeup artist in Kolkata not only ensures that the makeup acclimatizes to the notions of modern trends but at the same time they priorities more on enhancing features of the brides face than camouflaging the flaws only. There are small, subtle and simple things which make a bride look mesmerizingly beautiful. Her blush laden smile, the gleam of expectation in her eyes or the color of the mehendi she wore, all add to the beauty of an Indian bride. When it comes to Indian bride, mehendi or henna plays a very important role. The makeup or the look of a bride is never complete without henna. Mehendi is the skin ornamentation which completes a brides look. In Hindu culture, marriage is an extravagant occasion with a series of rituals celebrating the journey of a lifetime to commence. Embellishment on a bride for marriage therefore must be the most beautiful. spa salon in kolkata are intricate patterns drawn on a brides palm, hand and often feet beautifying her look for the day even more. Bridal Mehendi Designs are never complete without the name of the groom being patterned on brides hand with henna. There are many things which make a marriage special. Even the rituals have a significant role to play in Indian marriages. These rituals reaffirm the feeling of togetherness, a togetherness to be lasted for a lifetime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: