Many younger sister circles clean! The drama of the bursting point is on them: the Vizier before the deer look "old nine door" tycoon, that new moon has many be clever and sensible sensible and generous, sister community clean. But recently read the "Li" in startling step by step for the old ten general park Shouqing’s daughter, Pu Shunde, I found that many younger sister is so lovely! Especially with the old ten that made it too adorable for this effort, not CP! Let’s speak the truth, let me give you a little more about why I think she’s cute ah ~ ten old birthday solution tree gave him to do the birthday party, everyone happy in the distance standing to sing the birthday song, a bear? Ha ha ha ha ha yes! This bear is just Shunde!!! Sing the ladder from the outdoor to indoor, everyone began to send gifts, send almost, this "bear" appeared! Scared old ten directly into the arms of the fourteen! It turned out to be a birthday gift from Shunde to old ten! Creative! After the explosion of other people’s money, flowers, trees, ah, ah, what the book! High degree of value! Large quantity! Keep warm! (of course, rare animal protection is the only drawback should be ~)….. Shunde ah, can we not put it on the body? And Shunde to send ah! This year hit a bear to you make the whole world can really fur! The original Shunde grovel in the old ten robes under many sister? Old ten is Shunde’s love beans? Old ten, although you dare Hin small, but the peach blossom is also true ~ ~ ~ ~ wrong ~ ah ~ this scene is really laughing pee! Three people were scared to hide behind the look of what is it?! Shunde is really clean ah sister circles! Send the old ten gift is actually a year to head hunting bear pelts…… The national drought, all royal members come and simple, old ten recreational activities are also greatly reduced. Shunde bianzhaofaer tease him! But not in a flagrant way close behind with ten ~ see old sneaking kicking just jumped out, said to take him to catch sparrows, the sparrow bait stealing a glance look really young girl ah! But the girl is only five seconds! The hand immediately broke its neck to roast!!! This is not only the old ten was scared I was surprised! One face innocently said, "how many?" Looks like you can’t lose your temper…… The emperor is going to marry the prince. And who let Shunde get married? The general is also particularly understand ~ the emperor said fourteen prince, both martial arts, general said they were quarreling: if the emperor said the thirteen prince, the general said: the emperor said four prince, generals say they are a wolf a bear down in general know, know to love old daughter ten ~ then what to say? Old Meng ten direct force…… The emperor also thought it was the son of emotion which know old ten is serious! Love Shunde three minutes, although not present, or was rejected ah! ) but Imperial Grand, but you can’t say no node node…… Everyone else is a serious face, fourteen is a big thing to watch the big things! This is good.相关的主题文章: