"Maleka" caused by storm surge or the national headquarters of the working group to Shanghai, "Maleka" four features up to the strongest super typhoon intensity level path with uncertainty – strength, up to the strongest super typhoon level; the large uncertainty, affected by the interaction between typhoon circulation and high altitude, the strength and the path of Maleka "there is great uncertainty; the recent positive this year the strongest astronomical tide, storm tide at full power; – Fujian, Zhejiang province suffered early fourteenth typhoon" Meranti "hit, will suffer from the" Maleka "effect, most likely adverse conditions, repeat the disaster affected. Affected by the typhoon "Meranti" peripheral circulation and weak cold air north, Shanghai this year there was the largest flood season rainfall, maximum rainfall of nearly 400 mm, is rare in recent years. The city’s individual interchanges, roads and houses were short water. At present, under the influence of a typhoon "malakas" has been in Shanghai flood control and approximation, can not relax. In addition, according to the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" with the wind take rain approaching to the East China Sea, the national headquarters launched 16 flood control typhoon III level emergency response, and sent 5 working groups to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian province (city) to help guide the work. The maximum rainfall of nearly 400 mm according to the latest news of Shanghai city flood control headquarters, the night of 15 to 16 on the morning, Shanghai heavy rain, torrential rains in some areas, for a maximum rainfall since the flood season this year. As of 16 noon, when the Yellow rainstorm warning lifted, the process of rainfall has more than 300 mm observation stations, 28 stations over 200 mm (). Among them, the largest rainfall Pudong New Area Station million mu of farmland reached 393 mm. 16, from 5 to 8, which is particularly concentrated in the rain for nearly three hours, Pudong New Area, the cumulative rainfall of 7 stations for 3 hours up to 160 to 197 mm. The rainfall of rainfall in recent years, there is little. In addition, by the impact of heavy rainfall and astronomical tide, the city’s river water level rising, Pudong, Qingpu, Songjiang and other places have more than and 20 hydrological stations over the water level warning line. Statistics from the flood control department, as of 16 at noon on the 11, the city has nearly 20 under the overpass Road, section 30 of the more than more than and 10 road, a residential area of water, houses more than 400 households, 27 thousand shops flooded, flooded farmland. Related areas drainage, traffic police, highways, housing construction, agriculture and other departments in a timely manner to grab row and control measures, the current water has receded, to ensure the safety of public life and urban operation. As the typhoon "Meranti" clouds dissipate, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" gradually approaching along the coast of china. Shanghai city flood control headquarters requires all localities, departments and units to carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, to strengthen the administrative responsibility system as the core of the flood and typhoon prevention responsibility system, and do a good job of drainage pipeline pre evacuation and river water level drop off the tide gate pre work, timely, and to strengthen the inspection, the dike seawall line. The implementation of low-lying areas, rail transportation, highway, residential areas and other important parts of the drainage measures. Storm surge warning orange rose to No. sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" has been gradually approaching the station)相关的主题文章: