Mainland tourists dropped livelihoods   Taiwan tourism industry will launch a parade – Travel Channel original title: mainland tourists dropped Taiwan livelihoods tourism industry will launch a parade for 12 days to take to the streets of the "million tourism industry self-help parade" to sponsor 7 held in Taipei before the press conference, including hotels, travel agencies, the tour guide, 11 on behalf of the relevant industry association of the station express "to survive, work, food and clothing" appeal, the Taiwan authorities hope to face the tourism industry "need first aid". Sponsors said this will be the first time the tourism industry collective street. "We just want to tell the authorities, Taiwan’s tourism industry can not be wasted in idle, many hotels, B & B should not become the mosquito museum." The reporter will host, Taiwan Travel Trade Association spokesman Li Qiyue said that the parade is to express the voice of the industry, "there is no political slobber, only full of grievances, not ideology, only tuition loans". Recently, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism continued to decrease, Taiwan tourism industry has suffered a severe blow. Taiwan industry and public opinion, mainland tourists came to Taiwan after the new authorities dropped and blurred in the cross-strait relations policy, especially refused to recognize the "92 consensus" in the cross-strait relations have an important relationship, can not shirk its responsibility. You Minhua, Secretary General of the Federation of Taiwan tourist hotels business association, said that the central and southern Taiwan and Hualian, the hotel housing rate fell by half. The "vacancy period is worrying, some hotels have been taken into account in transition, sell". Taiwan, China Tourism boutique industry association chairman Zhang Ya said that after the new authorities came to power in Taiwan, only one or two of the boutique shopping sources, turnover dropped significantly. Want to travel to tighten cooperation over the years, led to a series of travel agency closures. It is very difficult but boutique shopping, recently in the research on employees "unpaid leave, unpaid leave, even considering layoffs, very painful tangle. Mainland tourists to create a 200 billion yuan (NT, the same below) output value in Taiwan, involving hundreds of thousands of families living. Once the two sides of the market crash, many people will be affected. We really want to call on the authorities to face up to reality and attract more mainland tourists." Zhang Ya?. Taiwan tour bus passenger trade association, said Zhang Tiancai, chief executive officer, in 2008 when a lot of Taiwan drivers rush to buy a car to receive the land passengers, tour vehicles to reach 12 thousand. 8 years later, this figure rose to more than 1.6 vehicles. Among them, the more than 4 thousand tour car to run a group of tourists. Now the group compared with the previous year, less than 80%, there are more than 4 thousand tour buses in the sun in the 80%". Drivers should also pay 140 thousand to $150 thousand a month, and now can not afford. Wu Yongyi, director of Taiwan Tourism Association, said, according to the latest statistics in September 1st, the Taiwan tour guide to obtain a certificate of qualification of more than 3.7 people, including Chinese tour guide accounted for 77.9%. Lu passengers to reduce direct impact on the livelihood of the guide, more than 10 thousand full-time tour guides now dropped to more than 2 thousand people. Before the tour guide can take three or four groups, now)相关的主题文章: