"The wizard" Hair Halloween Edition Poster adorable elf warm playing first – Sohu entertainment magic magic elf elf cross Edition Poster poster   vertical version of Sohu; entertainment news by American DreamWorks Animation produced 3D animation masterpiece "the wizard" landed major theaters nationwide on Friday, as the American dream factory "Shrek" ace team effort to build a comedy, adventure, fantasy, Carnival music masterpiece, after the release of word-of-mouth praise. In addition to the movie screen, the story is so popular, have to mention is that this piece of music is very big bright spot, especially Justin Timblerlake, "Jia boss" in addition to the film is the film soundtrack vocals, music producer, film and song of songs adapted Kuai sunburn population are wonderful audience relish, and cause the download audition tide. In the just concluded twentieth Hollywood film awards ceremony, he relies on the "magic hair Wizard" theme song "Can ‘t the Feeling!" won the best movie song. After the hot single issue will be rushed to the first Billboard Hot 100, which is "Jia boss," the fifth single crown! The box office growth warm happy elf inverse adorable perception "magicians Wizard" since last Friday released three days after the release of the single day box office increased gradually, after watching the audience comment said in a happy, happy and relaxed is the greatest feeling, the audience said "this is a really can bring lots of joy in the movie, laugh from the beginning to the tail, Jia boss’s voice is so charming! Happiness is so simple and rude, but some plot and full of tension, convincing imagination!" , "watching people full of joy burst with joy". Happy is the director of the core elements of creation values in magic elves all adopt "felt texture design, furry" human palm size magic elves have anti gravity to the growth of the colorful hair, at first glance like "fried" toys, each sprite always with a smiling face, flashing stay adorable eyes, overly optimistic that their behavior is "nervous" comes with a sense of joy. It is worth mentioning that all elves are strength to sing, opening it amazing, even one of them called "shiny" covered bright pink fairy voice with electric sound effects, the spirit of the "Big Bang" in India brother Kun – dubbed guinea laura. In addition, in the story finally more comic turn, touching story of so many spectators watching the way that many audience was moved to tears, smiling out of the office but with tears on his face. After watching the audience to correct the user commented that the devil is not the magic hair wizard Meng Meng, but should be called Meng Meng, too warm!" Also, many users agree that a "Magic Wizard" look very warm in the cold winter comes! Bursting point intensive public slapstick Halloween humor innocent elf "funny" is "a major feature of the wizard" in addition to "happy" outside, nonsensical in continuation of DreamWorks has always humorous basis into the young people love the cold humor, this is also the reason is one of the powerful sense of decompression the. A lot of cold humor bursting point in film actor "bran".相关的主题文章: