Lvshan army center or absent from the start of the new season he is the enemy of [scoring] Knight Ollie Nick threw a sudden scored 5 points to help the team leading Tencent in September 20th according to the sports news media "thescore" reports, the Celtics center Kelly Ollie Nick, could miss the season opening part. Ollie Nick Ollie Nick was right shoulder surgery in mid May of this year, the recovery period at the time the doctor gave him for five months. If Nick Ollie recovery goes well, so is expected back in October, but according to the "CSN" reporter Xie Luode Blakely revealed that Ollie Nick may miss the opening stage of the season. Ollie Nick from Canada, he was injured in February of this year, in order to represent the Canadian men’s basketball team in the Olympic qualifying tournament, he had wanted to postpone the time of surgery. But that hasn’t happened, and no Ollie Nick Canada men’s basketball team, also lost to the French team in the qualifying match, missed the summer Olympic Games in rio. During February and March of this year, a total of Nick Ollie missed 12 games, despite his dogged comeback, but the performance was significantly affected by injuries. Especially in the playoff series and the eagles, Ollie Nick played the game all the time only 8 minutes, a total of only 2 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steals, shooting 9 for 1. In the 2013 draft, Ollie Nick was selected in the first round of the thirteenth Mavericks, then traded to the celtics. In his three year career in NBA, he played a total of 203 games, with a total of about 9.6 minutes, with a total of 20.8 points, a total of 4.7 rebounds and a total of 1.6 assists per game, shooting at a rate of about 46.5%. But Nick Ollie’s absence, will not affect the Paibingbuzhen Celtics coach Brad Stevens, because his hands and Al Horford, Amir – Johnson, Taylor – Jonas – Jay Rebko and Zeller these inside players available. Ollie Nick is the enemy of the Cavaliers in the 2014-15 season, the first round of the playoffs in fourth games, he led Kevin Le Fu of rotator cuff tear and the season and the Cavaliers, although still in the finals, but shorthanded they still lost to the warriors. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: