Luodunfazhan last year earned 2 million 520 thousand year-on-year after the reduction of 72.84%- Sohu securities related stock movements panorama news network February 5th Friday, luodunfazhan (600209) annual report released in 2015 last year, the company achieved a net profit of 2 million 516 thousand and 500 yuan, down 72.84%. During the period, the company achieved revenue of 110 million yuan, a decrease of 45.69%; basic earnings per share of 0.0057 yuan. Lawton said that during the reporting period of international and domestic economic growth slowed down, the economic situation is complicated, the country continued to real estate macro-control, these factors have a certain impact on the company’s business and hotel business decoration engineering company, decoration engineering business orders compared to last year has decreased, the hotel operation and management business continuity loss situation, so during the reporting period to achieve the net profit attributable to the parent company declined over the same period last year. (Panorama) disclosure listedinfo announcement C 2016-02-06 600209_2015_n.pdf Author: Zang Defeng

罗顿发展去年赚252万 同比减72.84%-搜狐证券 相关公司股票走势   全景网2月5日讯 周五盘后,罗顿发展(600209)发布2015年年报,去年公司实现净利润251.65万元,同比减少72.84%。  期内,公司实现收入1.1亿元,同比减少45.69%;基本每股收益0.0057元。  罗顿发展表示,报告期内国际国内经济增长放缓,经济形势复杂多变,国家对房地产也继续进行宏观调控,这些因素对公司的装饰工程业务和酒店经营业务产生了一定的影响,公司装饰工程业务订单量相比上一年度有所减少,酒店经营及管理业务延续了亏损的态势,因此报告期内实现归属于母公司的净利润比去年同期下降。(全景网)   disclosure listedinfo announcement c 2016-02-06 600209_2015_n.pdf  作者:臧德丰相关的主题文章: