"Lu Yu" Dong Mingzhu almost broke   mobile phone; reason is this – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn recently, "Lu Yu about" administrative micro-blog broke the Dong Mingzhu net red handed female president "suspected because it could not find a car in rage staff photo. Some netizens commented: the president almost lost his cell phone." Dong Mingzhu almost fell to mobile phone trigger hot friends, friends said, "the boss is a temper, thinking is not easy", "the kind of leadership style is outdated", "the female leaders, before I encountered emotional, very serious, her subordinates, you must be very strong heart". And recently, Dong Mingzhu discovered a surprising move, in the discussion of a meeting, Dong Mingzhu on the stage was directly to the GREE mobile phone fell to the ground, and then asked the audience: do you dare to fall? And Dong Mingzhu’s move once again sparked a debate in the industry for GREE to enter the smart phone industry. Dong Mingzhu declared, "my cell phone is the first in the world". She said that the first is not the first sales, my quality is the first. I am not afraid of falling, is the conscience of the product, not bad, do you dare to fall?" The famous micro-blog users Xu commentary on micro-blog said, "the Dong Mingzhu show a bit too. Do the GREE air conditioning has become a mobile phone, not to fall! "The well-known financial commentator Wu Qilun said, with a brick three meters down is not bad, can say is better than brick GREE mobile phone? Miss Dong, cell phone hit, just a selling point of the phone, it is not appropriate to enlarge, after all, no one bought a cell phone in order to play. Frankly, in the fierce competition environment, the only way to win the GREE mobile phone quality, not to fight price fight show, and innovative profit model and marketing mode. Insiders to the global network of science and technology, now GREE mobile phone market layout has become obsolete, because GREE does not own unique mobile phone technology, all technologies are basically imported, so GREE’s mobile phone market is not a competitive advantage. Dong Mingzhu anger threw a GREE mobile phone, Internet users said that apple There were many discussions. In 2007, mobile phone has just come out, NOKIA executives on the evaluation is "not anti fall", but 7 years after NOKIA collapsed. Because NOKIA did not understand, consumers buy a cell phone, not used to fall." ", you take your mobile phone to sell air conditioning, the water is too deep, not who want to do can sit". (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: