Love to speak out! When does the male advocate advertisement? The animation of the actor to the girl confession there seems to be a smooth, or the male shilly-shally I always dare not open. Is male advertisement really so difficult? When will a man decide to tell her sister? Recently, the Japanese media conducted an investigation. Li knew it was time to really love each other. "When I realized that I really liked each other and didn’t want to give her up to anyone." (30 years old IT industry other) "like her mood can not be suppressed, I would like to be sure to grab in front of other men confession." (32 other) – intuition tell myself "must" confession "when intuition. Think too many words but don’t dare to confess." (29 year old school education office) "when suddenly want to. I want to do what I do." (25 years old – other salesman) to consider the future things suddenly feel uneasy when considering the future, because I don’t want to always spent in the unrest." (28 years precision instrument Office) "a man feel lonely, but also realized the other interesting on their own." (27 year old advertising salesman) – to encourage myself to love people when "when her mood is dripping, want to give her up." (28 year old electrical technician) when you see the honest girl working hard." (25 motor technician) – "when two people share the happy time with two people to see the beautiful scenery, because I think that moved in under each other will accept me." (29 year old school education office) "after the end of the excitement, because the success rate is usually higher." (32 other) – to feel the "woman’s heart felt her interesting to me, I would like to convey his mind before she empathy for other men." (other than 29 years old) I think it’s better to keep your voice down than to keep an eye on it, because there are likely to be other competitors." (other than 34 years old) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works相关的主题文章: