Logistics industry elite grand development of supply chain integration "of the road in October 13, 2016 sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission, transparent Logistics Management Research Institute, Shenzhen city Polytron Technologies Inc to flow to host the eleventh session of China (Shenzhen) international logistics and transportation Expo wisdom Logistics Forum, held in Shenzhen City, Sentosa Hotel – jade shop, forum the theme of" build the integrated supply chain". Shenzhen Transportation Committee Party members, deputy director Xu Zhongping attended the morning of the forum and delivered an opening speech. This forum is a star studded, gathered a large coffee. In the morning of the main forum, China Federation of logistics, Yi Yatong, Amazon logistics, China Merchants Bank, Procter & Gamble, Ali cloud logistics transport who were responsible for the publication of "from the perspective of supply chain logistics supply side reform", "cooperative polymerization, create a new supply chain management ecology", "demand driven supply chain" and "supply chain finance" Internet plus "play" and a series of wonderful keynote speech. More than 1000 elite from the supply chain, the logistics field of more than and 600 enterprises in the forum to share ideas spark, exchange of advanced concept, join the integrated supply chain development road. The afternoon is the summit of the Forum: a forum for "pioneering – action", the topic is "connected cooperative road" supply chain integration development "and seek to build a cold chain logistics system can be traced back to the opportunities and challenges forum"; second "power – path", the topic is "the direction of logistics information and" the logistics financial development of the Internet industry under discussion". Each topic is presided over by the industry celebrities, case sharing, guest discussion, interactive and other forms of multiple interactive, both to ensure the focus of the issue and enlightening, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm of the guests interaction. After ten years of exploration and accumulation, Chinese (Shenzhen) international logistics and transportation Expo Intelligent Logistics Forum has become one of the most famous academic exchange platform for domestic intelligent logistics field, and has been highly recognized by the domestic and foreign counterparts. At present, the logistics industry in the wisdom of mobile Internet applications as a symbol of the rising, greatly promote the information optimization of logistics industry, improve the collaborative operation of each link of the logistics industry, realize the efficient allocation of social resources. This forum is a continuation of the wide platform, high standard and international characteristics, conforms to the latest trend and the trend of development of the logistics industry, a series of keynote speeches with "public entrepreneurship, innovation" concept and industrial practice, series of specific issues and top-level design, logistics management ideas and measures led the development of smart logistics domain, high perspicacity the collision of sublimation in the forum, will usher in a new era of the logistics industry, the continuous development of all wisdom.相关的主题文章: