Liu Qianyu’s final harvest of love – Sohu offer sincere entertainment Liu Qianyu "don’t be so proud" stills Sohu entertainment news starring Liu Qianyu, since the launch of topics constantly, viewing high fantasy youth idol drama has perfect ending, soul swap, dislocation of youth story still sparked a lively discussion of the majority of users. This goddess and before the story of man played by Liu Qianyu swap soul. In the end of the first season has been clearly explained, when the high cold goddess of love really warm unload reserved cried all the users, with the lyrics describe is "because I no longer love this wayward ~ pretend". Before the story of Liu Qianyu and the man unknown so exchanged soul, to get back the soul of man with different, Liu Qianyu wanted to prove that "man" of themselves than men so excellent a brawny physical challenges to the limit. In the final of the marathon in the summer leaves despite a brawny dimension to remind, persist in brawny had an old wound foot speed run results of old seizures fell to the ground in the arm, the man never abandon patience, Liu Qianyu frozen heart melted and the men moved the truth to two people for the return of soul. Finally love each other honest quarrelsome lovers, so that the majority of fans cheered CP. The high cold goddess Ken open really is to let all the fans happy, "Liu Qianyu’s speech live performances of the role of Xia Weiye, sometimes stubborn cute sometimes domineering headstrong, can play got vulgar play man, no matter what kind of character are the ultimate in place, while summer leaves this role is undoubtedly the dimension of Liu Qianyu’s life is not a small harvest. As an actor, Liu Qianyu has just started, the drama of imminent launch in the second quarter, other work is also in progress, look forward to the next meeting with Liu Qianyu, I believe she will bring us more wonderful works!   相关的主题文章: