Linyi Jin Yi Department of eight village kindergarten to 13 classes from 3 classes why popular grandma volunteers came to Linyi eight village kindergarten Jin Yi Department of rice dumplings to teach children. (data) [editor’s note] at the beginning of this semester, 23000 new campus, including 85 primary and middle school young opened, 75 of which are located in the suburban areas of towns and suburbs, the more good schools to more people at home. At the same time, there are a number of new school district and the formation of the group to run, making the school district or the nature of the group to reach 128 schools, many of them old brand school. Linyi eight village kindergarten in the "different" new Kaiyuan, how to inherit past reputation in the new year, and how to innovate again? This is a new subject in front of each new school. Fortunately, this has been in the eyes of parents, the name of a little soil, humble schools, through the support of all parties, their efforts to win the trust of parents. It’s a story about how other new schools can be taught. A few years ago, Shang Xiaoqian is ready to graduate in Pudong Sanlin house, her request is really: the door to a good school. Today, Shang Xiaoqian’s daughter Jingjing is middle class counterparts of eight villages in Linyi Jin Yi Department of kindergarten. In 2010, President Cao Xiangyu took the "village of Linyi eight kindergarten" old garden name here to do the park residents, but heard whispers: "Linyi eight village? This is a rural kindergarten, worthy of trust?" as the new village of Linyi eight kindergarten Jin Yi Department originally opened up 3 class, now is the "13 classes full", there are parents rushing to come in. First: the wine is also afraid of deep alley in accordance with the local department of Education Division of the entrance area, the kindergarten enrollment counterparts is 3 Dongming Street: new residential Vanke golden Yazhu, Jin Yi River and cuizhuyuan, prices are not low, most of the residents are highly educated young people. When buying a house, the door has been supporting the use of kindergarten. If the East, such as the name of the field of ice factory kindergarten can come here to open a park like, this is a lot of people’s good wishes. So, when the village of Linyi eight kindergarten stationed, attracted a whisper: "the name of the kindergarten……" Although the swallow in the second half of the sentence, but "too rustic" "odd" is many residents of the kindergarten first impression. Have lots of Hou Xiaoyan checked: eight Linyi Village Kindergarten name though inconspicuous, but the District of Pudong New Area demonstration park, Shanghai Municipal Park, has two campuses in Linyi village. But more parents don’t understand. Logically speaking, is not afraid of deep alley. In the face of the upcoming admissions season, Cao Xiangyu some sit still. School to win the trust of the people, nothing more than these points: close to home, close to the relationship, educational philosophy can be recognized." Initiative: three months a letter of invitation in eight villages in Linyi, Cao Xiangyu had become a neighborhood of the "own", but in the unfamiliar area, she the stranger how to mingle with the residents? Cao Xiangyu chose to take the initiative. Cao Xiangyu first came to the station to Dongming Sanlin Road Subdistrict Office, the appointment at the community Party committee secretary Zhou Qi. That day, when Cao Xiangyu相关的主题文章: