Li Jing 24 points the thrilling win against Beijing with crown Bianzhen strain No. 8 Li Jing enough data for Sina’s sports team for Zhejiang girls, take a victory away from home in Beijing, in fact, some unexpected. After the game, the game scored the highest point of the audience 24 points Li Jing said frankly, we win very thrilling. Beijing, Zhejiang in the first leg, Jiashan home court, the Zhejiang team 3 to 0 win over Beijing, surprise, Li Jing admitted that the rival team didn’t play well. "The Beijing team did not play well, 0 to 3 is handed over to us, so before the game we think they will recklessly we." Prepared to meet the challenge, is not an exaggeration. "We wanted to win this game may be a bit less," in spite of this, the girls played the first two games is unhurried, completely suppressed opponents, especially for the Beijing team of foreign aid Lowe defense is very successful, the coach had to lead Jiatipeng in the way. The turning point of the match in Beijing team lineup changes, the two sides into a tug of war, the Zhejiang team was suppressed opponents. "We are not ready for the second team in Beijing," Li Jing said, after the last three games Zhejiang strain many problems. In fact, we have played before the Invitational, met the Beijing team, they are still relatively understanding, but they came out of the second lineup or not enough strain." Although the foreign aid Lowe today was all suppressed, but Li Jing believes that the high block of the Beijing team to bring no small pressure on Zhejiang. "The foreign aid team will give us some pressure, the game of the Beijing team block has a great influence on our attack." The audience scored the highest 24 points, Li Jing is still low-key, she said the secret to winning Zhejiang team battle. "We are still relying on the collective operations, the storm itself is not particularly strong, I’m certainly not alone, we still rely on us to win." For many years, Li Jing has been a calm girl. "I was worried about my injury before the season, but it seems to be ok. From the three games, my own state is still good, although the elbow injury, but Li Jing is still strict demands on themselves. She said: "I hope I can get better and better, the best injuries do not have problems, to complete the season." The audience booing sound, Li Jing hasn’t affected, she said with a smile playing habits in any case, "a lot of the audience shouted away more and more fierce, have been accustomed to." For the goal of the season Zhejiang team, Li Jing said: we see a lot of teams have invited foreign aid, in fact, said the goal is a bit difficult, take a look at, I hope we can go to the end." (Li Xin)相关的主题文章: