Landscaping-Gardening A major part of landscape design is your patio and if you live in Dallas, you should find a qualified landscape design Dallas that will help you get a sophisticated and beautiful patio at an affordable price. Before you look for a landscape design Dallas, decide on how you want the patio to look. For example, if you want an Asian-influenced patio, consider bamboo outdoor ceiling fans and rattan chairs, sofas and stools. Also consider teak wood furniture and paisley-designed pillows and cushions. A waterfall will add an Asian touch to your patio. A beautiful patio cover adds elegance to your patio and you should decide if you want it to be open or closed. When you meet with a specialist in patio covers Dallas, hell mention the different types of patio covers that are available. The attached roof patio is one of the most popular patio covers and it provides full shade. Awnings are patio covers supported by metal frames and they provide partial or full shade. Roofing panels are made of vinyl or metal and provide partial shade. Wooden beam patio covers add a rustic look to your patio and these beams allow for greater light. Some good flooring options for your patio design include wood, tile, concrete and brick. When speaking to someone who specializes in landscape design Dallas, ask him which flooring is the most durable for your patio and that best suits your design preferences. For example, if your patio has a Spanish or Moroccan theme, red bricks work well. Your choice of patio furniture depends on your style preference and for those who like the antique look, wrought iron is the best choice because of its sophistication and durability. Wrought iron furniture .es in various shapes and designs and you can paint it metallic silver, gold or red. There are some differences between a traditional and contemporary patio. A traditional patio is designed after the Spanish style and includes paved concrete walkways, wrought-iron furniture, stone fountain, terracotta pots and shrubs. The contemporary patio has chaise or rattan lounges, stainless steel gas grills, teak furniture or ceramic tile-lined flooring. Some contemporary patios have sunrooms or conservatories. Your specialist in landscape design Dallas can determine if a traditional or contemporary patio will be the best option based on the design of your home. If you live in Dallas and you need to find a good specialist in landscape design Dallas or patio covers Dallas, verify that the specialist is licensed and insured because if hes insured, you can collect liability damages should something bad take place during the project. Ask a friend or relative if he knows landscaping Dallas .panies that specialize in providing high-end patio designs for homeowners in Dallas. Read a few Dallas-based interior design magazine articles or blogs and look for any landscapers they re.mend. Visit these landscapers websites to get information on their services. Read customer reviews of Dallas-based landscaping .panies and if certain .panies have too many .plaints, avoid them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: