Kunitomo match: Belarus away against Greece undefeated – Sohu SMG football match on Wednesday 004 Guoyou Greece VS Belarus game time: 2016-11-10 02:15 asian handicap: 0.98 half a 0.92 average day: 1.61 3.20 5.10 Greece in the European qualifying performance is very good, the last round away in the 2 to 0 victory over Estonia, before the 3 block match unbeaten record, the team will face the enemy in Bosnia next week home court, this battle must be kept friendly; while visiting Belarus in the last round of the European qualifying draw by struggling home court Luxemburg, before the 3 round of the group has achieved a victory, this field match with Greece at Guoyou will definitely not be betting hot. But in the case of reservations, this guest is expected to keep a draw back. The game generally out of Asia chupan Lord let hemisphere low water, in the recent state of the battle and so Dayong to draw at Luxemburg under the background of "trend for disk support is obviously insufficient, and the market outlook stage handicap to the Lord let half high water, so the disc lifting behavior more unfavorable for hanging out. In Europe, the main victory? 1.74 by chupan 1.70 has been upgraded to by injection, Europe refers to the trend for his play is also not supported, combined with the two teams of the game, so the game unbeaten away like Belarus guoyou. SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 10 cz100 recommended: Belarus (the half)

国友赛:白俄罗斯作客战希腊保不败-搜狐  竞彩足球周三004 国友赛 希腊 VS 白俄罗斯   比赛时间: 2016-11-10 02:15   亚洲盘口:0.98 半 一 0.92   平均欧赔:1.61 3.20 5.10   希腊在欧洲外围赛的表现十分出色,上轮在客场以2比0完胜爱沙尼亚之后,前3轮分组赛保持全胜的战绩,球队将会在下周主场面对劲敌波斯尼亚,今仗热身赛肯定有所留力;而客队白俄罗斯在上轮欧洲外围赛主场被弱旅卢森堡逼平,前3轮分组赛未有取得一场胜利,今场国友赛作客面对希腊肯定不会成为投注的热门,但是在主队有所保留的情况下,今场作客有望守得一个平局而回。   本场比赛亚洲初盘普遍开出主让半球低水,在主队近期如此状态大勇并且客队上仗被卢森堡逼平的背景下,初盘走势对于上盘支持力度明显不足,加上到了后市阶段盘口提升至主让半 一高水,如此升盘行为对于上盘打出更加不利。而在欧赔方面,明?的主胜由初盘的1.70已经提升至受注后的1.74,欧指的走势对于主胜打出同样是不支持,再结合两队的战意,因此本场国友赛看好白俄罗斯作客不败。   竞彩胜平负推荐:10   cz100推荐:白俄罗斯(受让半 一)相关的主题文章: