Kija: "red" is a derogatory term thought and Alfa dog against kija (map) yesterday, the eighteenth agon cup Chinese go fast open final in Shijiazhuang cruised, eventually the two sides battle 288 hands, 2 white and 14 kija beat Chen Yaoye won the championship. In the interview, kija gleefully spoke of his "Red Net" view, and will be on Alfa and the dog was responding to rumors. Frequent mistakes won under the victims kija level is the first person, Chen Yaoye is ranked second, two people a week before the Braun Cup final played two games, Chen Yaoye gain a complete victory. Before the game also frankly admitted that he and Chen Yaoye’s battle results are poor, and is not in the best condition. After first guess, Chen Yaoye zhihei first. The layout of the stage on both sides for four Lazi flying, Chen Yaoye angle field, kija runs below the big appearance. Chen Yaoye black 133 provoke Ko, kija immediately eliminate robbery, black The loss outweighs the gain. The two sides after the end game, Ke Jie white and 2 14 win. After the game, frankly admitted that he had a lot of trouble, there are a few hand chess did not see clearly, but Chen Yaoye may also be tight enough time to seize the opportunity. After winning the championship, Ke Jie will represent China in the Sino Japanese confrontation. He was a representative for the Chinese agon Cup against Japan had shouted "let Iyama Yuta play five step" rhetoric, but two years later, kija mature many, he said: "this is not what I plan to play their own level. That year the rhetoric just want to motivate yourself in that environment." Never think of themselves as "Red Net" two years ago, only 19 year old kija scored the first national championship in his agon cup, then kija rapid growth of the world championship, and posted a lot of people "Red Net" label. However, he never thought he was clean net red, after he published some of the more personal remarks, but I hope to give some of the vitality of the monotony of the environment. Kija said: "because this is my youth, I never say the words of regret, but the" red "is a derogatory term for me, I never thought of himself as" red ". In contrast, I would like to have my own characteristics on the board." Not long ago, Nie Weiping said the highest is nine, but artificial intelligence has thirteen sections, this kija also said: "the computer level is very strong, I also learned a lot with Alfa the dog, computer every day in the fast progress, human beings want to win it really difficult. I was told that I was going to fight against Alfa, but I didn’t know it. I think I still focus on the contest between people, people’s chess is a mistake, it is because of this wonderful, unique charm, which is the computer can not understand. I will learn from the computer in the future, a better go back to the fans."相关的主题文章: