Jinhua police destroyed a prostitution dens scene and arrested 11 suspects

reporter yesterday from the Yongkang Municipal Public Security Bureau Street police station was informed that according to the report, a district of West Street destroyed a prostitution dens, the scene and arrested 11 suspects.

hey, are you not the celebrities’ online and elegant ‘, how is here?" A police arrested a whoremaster see beam after say such a sentence. It turned out that a network of social networking platform or a red". It is understood that Liang net name "elegant", Guizhou, is one of the partners of the beauty salon, and his girlfriend on behalf of a beauty salon. The night of the incident, due to a number of physical reasons and did not go to the store to work. Today, a friend from the beauty salon was found by the public security organs, the people were taken to the police station, on behalf of a hurry to pull beam came to the police station to understand the situation.

Liang upon arrival at the police station with the jam, was arrested on the spot. According to the shop other staff explained, Liang rented store opened a beauty salon is not simple, usually also shelter or other related activities and organizations and prostitution, profit from.

at present, the case has 4 criminal detention, administrative detention of 4 people, the case is still under investigation.