Ji’nan: heavy rain accompanied by wind and rain season long weight 9 hours after the end of a sudden drop of 10 degrees C – in Ji’nan on the afternoon of 25, the rain is not particularly large, but the wind blew, the umbrella became a big horn". Qilu Evening News reporter Zhou Qing first photo 25 is the dog days of the last day, the second half of the first round of cold air coming. Province city area of the rainy season in the last game of rain, heavy rain, seven winds, 9 hours Kuangxiang 10 C. Reporters learned that, since June, the city’s total of 15 times the city’s larger rainfall process, including heavy rain process 4 times, heavy rain process for the second time, the same period in the history of precipitation ranked tenth place in. Qilu Evening News reporter Meng Yan wind is too big to hold the umbrella 25 days, the rainy season last rain so many people impressed. More than 1 in the afternoon, just out of the public Miss Xiao was blown away, the wind is too big, simply can not afford to live, the umbrella can not hold, all wet." Her complaint. 25, 13, the Ji’nan Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a blue gale warning signal: affected by cold air, estimated 25 afternoon to night I will present 5 average wind gust 7 ~ 8 in the northeast winds, please pay attention to prevention. With the wind, but also a strong cooling. "Go out in the morning wearing a short sleeved feel okay to go in the afternoon, anxious to set a thick coat in the summer, trembling, cold!" Wu said the public. Ji’nan City Meteorological forecaster told the Qilu Evening News reporter, 25 days in the instantaneous maximum wind speed 15.5 meters a second, the equivalent of seven gust, more exaggerated is Changqing, the instantaneous maximum wind speed of 19.6 meters a second, the equivalent of eight gust. In the wind song, seven winds to go to the inconvenience, the wind blowing branches broken eight". Statistics show that at 9 in the morning, the highest temperature is still at the temperature of 28.3 degrees, to the afternoon of, the highest temperature dropped to a temperature of 18.4 degrees, equivalent to nearly a quarter of the temperature of nearly 10 degrees, in this summer is relatively rare. In contrast, the rain seems to be gentle. As of 25 o’clock, the city’s average rainfall of 26.1 mm, just to the magnitude of the rain, the order of magnitude of 17. Among them, the largest rainfall in Shanghe, 42.9 mm, but also under the storm out of the point of the Changqing, the smallest precipitation of 16 mm to. Urban rainfall of 24.8 mm. After the rain, the temperature will slow recovery. 26 day cloudy, north wind 4 ~ 5, 7 ~ 8 in the morning wind, the minimum temperature of 16 degrees to 18 degrees, the highest temperature of 26 degrees. 26 at night to 27 sunny cloudy, the lowest temperature of 15 to 17 DEG C, the maximum temperature of 28 degrees C. The 8 urban storm since June 1st this year from the beginning of the rainy season in July 1st, this is the end. Many people think that this year’s rain "special", in fact compared with the same period in history, this year’s rainfall is not particularly extreme, mainly because of the impact of the El Nino, 2014 2015, the summer rainfall is too little. According to the statistics of the Ji’nan Municipal Bureau of hydrology, flood season (since June 1st) the average rainfall of 548.5 mm, 37.2% more than normal, in.相关的主题文章: