Ji’an discovered a new scam: sweep dimensional code to pay fines illegally parked? (Figure) – Jiangxi channel: people.com.cn original title: Ji’an discovered a new scam: sweep dimensional code to pay fines illegally parked? (Figure) forged "illegal parking informed" a printed loopholes appear one after another recently, Ji’an Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment on the "Parking" in Ji’an people’s WeChat circle of friends circulated, local police departments quickly responded that the criminals posing as police posted illegally parked illegally parked single ticket, is false! Remind the masses do not sweep the two-dimensional code! At present, the Ji’an police investigation investigation. Some people in the circle of friends and local forum WeChat news release, said he found a strange car in the car illegal parking list, and attached to the relevant pictures. According to the picture, this "public parking violation" emblazoned with the vehicle in Ji’an in October 4, 2016 in violation of the "road traffic safety law" provisions of article fifty-sixth, please take this notice to the Ji’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment illegal processing hall or scan the QR code ", in addition to a number of illegal behavior, and the amount of the fine, there is a two-dimensional code badge containing pattern of payment. But people are puzzled that the specific time, place, license plate number and other basic information of vehicle traffic violations are not. In this regard, Ji’an police released rapidly through the county traffic police official WeChat, micro-blog, channel number and other public warning information, to remind people to avoid being. At the same time, the local police investigation investigation. The reporter found out, the scam has recently appeared in many parts of the country, the scam is novel, the use of the Internet sweep yards payment means of payment with fake police documents that are highly confusing than traditional fraud. Police remind, if the vehicle was illegally parked traffic police department take punishment, should be issued by the site "XX City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion XX single illegal parking informed", not a "people not to know the inside story parking single". Secondly, the traffic police department issued illegal parking informed will record the following details: one is single in the issuing authority and the illegal license plate number, type and vehicle type; two is the time and place of illegal violations, fines, and processing the contents of the location; three is the punishment unit, address, on duty police officers on duty and stamp. People should always be vigilant to avoid being deceived. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: