Small Business In U.K, new laws for land registry lease plan are implemented on October 13th 2003 which meant new leases are granted for terms over 7 years or the existing leases assigned or sold with 7 years to go must be now registered in Land Registry. For getting the land registry lease plan, a land registry complaint lease plan must be produced and submitted as part of the lease application. The lease plan will have scaled and detailed floor plan of the property including the common parts that are shared which affect the property and access to the property. The property demise must be shown in red and the shared areas must be highlighted with green colour. Lease plan must also have a survey plan that shows the details of the position of the residential property management which shows the surrounding buildings and local area. Some companies they will arrange the floor plan in 2D or3D as per the client’s requirement. They will also provide elevation or section plans and drawings. A specialist planner will visit the site if required. They produce the lease plan carefully in AutoCad and give the client a PDF format within 48 hours. After the approval, hard will be printed and posted to the address given by the client. The plan must have the metric scale detail normally it is 1:100 or 1:200. It must have a scale measurement bar. Most important, the scale must also be noted in the plan. For urban areas the location map’s scale is 1:1,250. Full address, including the post-code should be there in the plan. North point must be shown in the map. If the deal takes longer time in solicitor’s hands that mean it may fail. So before sending for plan one must check whether they have an official energy performance certificate, an official Asbestos register and a land registry complaint plan.Apart from land registry lease plans there are other plans like title register and title plans. The Title Register or property register is usually known as title deeds consist of two main documents. It has the name and address of the owner, property description, purchase price, its tenure. It also has the name and address of the mortgagee and details of other charges.The Title plan is the other one which shows the detailed outline of the property in relation to the surrounding buildings. There are plenty of land registry lease plan companies to give service to the UK people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: