It makes the "funny Street" has launched the two anniversary broadcast 624 set of ratings gains across the board of Hunan dialect comedy "funny funny". The two anniversary of the street VCR you are sitting on the couch eating snacks and drinks, to the TV laugh? If so, you must be a fan of sitcoms. Are you coming to lunch, my parents are still staring at the TV, causing you to often eat on time? Congratulations to you, your family must be "funny funny Street" fans! Sitcom in our Hunan, has been widely sought after by the television audience. By the Hunan Dry Landscape Culture Communication Co. Ltd., Hunan, jointly build large daily Hunan dialect sitcom "make it funny to the street" ratings continued hot talk, it is also proved that the Hunan sitcom infinite charm and great potential. It makes the "funny Street" since its launch in October 25, 2014, the daily ratings have been ranked first at the same time, Changsha area market share first, can achieve such results, with the support of the audience favorite, is inseparable. Up to now, has aired 624 episodes, aired the first long in Asia, but also will continue to broadcast. Today is the two anniversary of the launch of the street with the street to the day, with more laughter, for thousands of spectators. The mouth never tease, funny, is Changsha character, the gas is Hunan this land. Eat bitter, PA was pretty, but also endure trouble people generally agree, for the people of Hunan imagine, if not the son awkward, the group behind the scenes comedy, where the power on?! Hunan famous writer here, known the name of the actor is here, with the street, is a Hunan native culture product incubation matrix. In this matrix, and more local star tailored Internet programs will be turned out to the street to tease star will pose a popular southern comedy tour the login view. When industrialization and specialization, intends to shed entertainment scene today’s film and television industry pioneer concept was hidden in a local dialect comedy, and has 2 years of painstaking training. Tencent · Hunan large network as a dry landscape culture of Hunan regional exclusive cooperation network, will bring more funny to the street behind the scenes stories and wonderful drama for everyone, together to carry forward the characteristics of Huxiang culture, witnessed the rise of southern comedy! The next 2017, there will be more stars to join the street, more exciting story waiting for you, and the 2017, we continue to laugh with you!相关的主题文章: