India Pakistan not buy F-16 or F-16 produced more advanced against Beijing several power turns "wait": the United States wants to sell Loma F-16, Boeing to sell F A-18, want to sell Swedish Saab Gripen, Eurofighter Airbus to sell "". In February 13th, the United States announced that it had approved the sale of up to 8 F-16 fighters to Pakistan, with a total contract value of $699 million. The move triggered a strong dissatisfaction with Pakistan’s potential rival, India, expressing disappointment and displeasure at the United states". According to India’s "economic times" website reported on February 15th, while the India domestic it played bickering when the India government has begun to consider the "made in India" policy in the local production of F-16 fighter. According to reports, India and the United States have made several meetings, including a high-level talks held in Washington in November last year. It is said that the United States has agreed to produce F-16 fighters in India, which can meet the local demand of India, and can also be exported. Indian media said, Shangluo manufacturing F-16 of Lockheed Martin is the active promoter of the matter, as early as last year on the initiative of Loma produced in India F-16 fighter, the U.S. government also actively contributed to the matter. The article said that India has been on the market of Pakistan F-16Block52 fighter expressed dissatisfaction, it is unclear that the impact on production in India American fighter proposal, the United States arms giant Boeing to produce F A-18 Super Hornet fighter in India expressed strong interest. The article said that in the India production of F-16 fighter models than in Pakistan to buy more advanced F-16, which will be named F-16IN "super viper". In addition to F, A-18 and F-16IN, India is considering at least two indigenous fighter planes, one from Saab, the other from airbus". (Liu Kun)

印度不爽巴基斯坦买F-16 或自产更先进F-16对抗-中新网   几大强国轮流”伺候“着:美国洛马想卖F-16,波音想卖F A-18,瑞典萨博想卖鹰狮,空客想卖”欧洲战斗机“。   2月13日,美国宣称已经批准向巴基斯坦出售最多8架F-16战斗机,合同总价值达6.99亿美元。此举引发巴基斯坦的潜在对手印度强烈不满,表示对美国“失望与不悦”。据印度“经济时报”网站2月15日报道,正当印度国内因此事大打口水仗之时,印度政府已开始考虑在“印度制造”的政策下在本土生产F-16战斗机。   据报道,印度和美国已经进行了数次会议,包括去年11月在华盛顿举行的一次高级别会谈,据称美国已同意在印度当地生产F-16战斗机,即可满足印度本土需求,还能进行出口外销。印媒称,F-16的制造商洛克希德马丁公司是此事的积极推动者,早在去年洛马就主动提议在印度生产F-16战斗机,目前美国政府也在积极促成此事。   文章称,印度已经对美国售巴基斯坦F-16Block52型战斗机表示了不满,目前还不清楚此事对在印度生产美制战机的提议有何影响,美国军火巨头波音也对在印度生产F A-18“超级大黄蜂”战斗机表示了浓厚的兴趣。   文章称,在印度生产的F-16战机型号将比巴基斯坦购买的F-16更加先进,其将被命名为F-16IN“超级蝰蛇”。除了F A-18和F-16IN之外,印度还在考虑至少两个本土化战机的选择,一是来自瑞典的萨博鹰狮战斗机,另一个是空客的“欧洲战斗机”。(刘昆)                               相关的主题文章: