In forecasting the price of gold on the Goldman was "the face" in the short term, if investors follow Goldman on gold advice, it might lose to tears. In February 10th, when the global financial market, the market risk aversion on the occasion, Goldman said that "with the passage of time, the price of gold is expected to surpass $1200 an ounce mark". However, from the beginning of 11, gold prices fell sharply. 2 15, Goldman’s reverse position, its commodity manager Jeff Currie recommends that customers "suggested by Goldman Sachs commodity index (GSCI) model of rolling index to short gold," said gold by the recent panic driven price rebound is not reasonable, the gold market and other financial markets have exaggerated the influence of Chinese economic slowdown lower oil prices, and negative interest rates, the European banking crisis less risk. Goldman Sachs lowered its gold price forecast to $1100 ounce in the next three months, and lowered its gold target to $1000 ounce in the next 12 months. Unfortunately, gold started to shake up from 16…… So far, Goldman hasn’t changed its stance on gold. Gold is still one of the best performing assets this year. Spot gold rose nearly $40 on Thursday, hitting $1240.06 an ounce. Some analysts have changed positions by somersault. Holland bank analyst Georgette Boel said, "we had a long-term bearish gold, now to see the face of our current situation, global economic growth is weak, is expected by the end of the gold price will rise to $1300 an ounce level." Citigroup also said gold has bottomed out and will reach $1250 an ounce by the end of the year. Perhaps, Goldman should consider whether it is necessary to study Morgan Stanley chief U.S. equity strategist Adam Parker, who was this anomalous behaviour of the U.S. stock market crazy, that on Tuesday released a research report: "the rising Tucao is in decline, the decline is on the rise. Everybody seems to be working in reverse. The client is just going against our investment proposal." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

在预测金价上 高盛这次又被“打脸了”   就短期而言,如果投资者遵从高盛关于黄金方面的建议,那可能会亏到欲哭无泪了。   2月10日,当时全球金融市场大幅震荡,市场避险情绪高涨之际,高盛曾称“随着时间的推移,黄金价格有望涨破1200美元 盎司关口”。然而,就从11日开始,金价大幅走低。   2月15日,高盛逆转立场,其大宗商品负责人Jeff Currie建议客户“建议通过高盛商品指数(GSCI)模式滚动指数来做空黄金”,称黄金近期受恐慌情绪而驱动的价格反弹不合理,黄金市场和其他金融市 场都过分夸大了中国经济放缓、油价走低和负利率的影响,欧洲银行业危机爆发风险较小。高盛下调未来三个月黄金价格预期至1100美元 盎司,并下调未来 12个月金价目标至1000美元 盎司。   不幸的是,黄金从16日开始震荡上扬……   迄今为止,高盛仍未改变看空黄金的立场。而黄金仍是今年表现最好的资产之一。周四,现货黄金大涨近40美元,盘中最高触及1240.06美元 盎司。   一些分析师已经改变立场,由空翻多。荷兰银行分析师Georgette Boel则表示,“我们此前长期看空黄金,现在转为看多,目前我们面对的情景是全球经济增长的疲弱,预计到年底金价将涨至1300美元 盎司水平。”   花旗也称,黄金已经触底回升,年底将会达到每盎司1250美元的水平。   或许,高盛应该考虑一下是否有必要学习摩根士丹利首席美国股票策略师Adam Parker——此人快被今年表现反常的美国股市搞疯了,以至于在周二发布的研报中吐槽:“本该上涨的却在下跌,本该下跌的却在上涨。所有人似乎都在反向操作。客户干脆跟我们的投资建议反着做吧。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: