Star child Philippines debut in Suzhou endorsement wedding in Huqiu city in October 7th, thousands of people dressed in wedding dress, wedding dress in Huqiu gathered in Suzhou City, "the gorgeous upgrades in common? Wonderful bloom: 2016 Huqiu City wedding feast activities" is marriage. Live together with the bride wearing 888 wedding Guinness world record challenge. There are millions of national treasure value, peacock wedding first catwalk show. 90 after the show as a child of the city of Huqiu, as a spokesman for the wedding of the city’s image is also in the wedding feast activities debut. 9 in the morning, Guinness world records certified officer announced the challenge began, the Challenger cheered together with the release of the hands of the color balloons, picked up the phone left the most spectacular moment, the success of the challenge of the 08, Guinness! According to the organizers of the event, in just 1 months, from all over the country to participate in the activities of the bride of the 888. After the completion of the challenge, which will be the 500 pairs of newcomers to Shanghai to take a cruise ship, deck collective wedding. The day of the event, after performing arts star child Philippines also wearing their own wedding dress design stunning debut, this special dress gown from Huqiu wedding city launched the star high brand TO FEEL". Tong Fei on the body of the dress, she personally draw the design and selection of fabrics, filled with pink flowers on behalf of the suspension of the blooming youth, imports of white gauze than the traditional wedding material more soft and elegant. It is reported that the TO FEEL brand series of wedding dress upcoming star high set business, to meet the bride to their individual needs, let the stars to do the wedding dress for your hand". Subsequently, Gu Weichun, general manager of Huqiu wedding city announced that the child has officially become the Philippine wedding Huqiu city image spokesperson. Attract people’s attention in addition to the appearance of the star child Philippines, as well as the value of a million of the national treasure peacock wedding show. The value of 9 million 999 thousand yuan of "jade? A vast cloud feather dress" wedding in Huqiu city C4 District vast flagship store set exhibition, wedding block has 2009 pieces of peacock feathers, there are 60 precious Hetian jade dress fabric with royal handmade brocade fabric, which belongs to the intangible cultural heritage, the vast set by Suzhou exclusive wedding dress design, by eight workers made more than two months to complete, rich and extraordinary, most of the world. In addition to many exciting activities, hundreds of wedding industry guests gathered at the wedding industry development seminar is, problems and way out, facing the industry in the new era of consumption is the wedding wedding industry business model change and other issues were discussed on the wonderful. It is reported that this event held wedding in Huqiu city since 2012 has been four years, has 300 thousand large body mass, four functional areas, supporting two parking spaces, hundreds of businesses, has truly become a set of wedding products procurement, creative display, wedding photography, leisure tourism, transportation as one of the personnel training marriage is the cultural tourism industry park. With the "2016 Huqiu City wedding wedding feast is" ended, the new trend of the leading wedding one-stop complex not only become a new core area of Suzhou popular gathering, the more the wedding industry business layout was put on a thick and heavy in colours. (Zhou Xinyu)相关的主题文章: