Hsu Chi is wearing "roadside dress" married, in addition to H& M; what parity wedding beauty burst? A month ago Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s wedding, the majority of people are eating melon to worry about Hsu Chi’s marriage. Fire Xinhua News Agency president micro-blog also staged version of brainwashing to marry goddess… But in today, be caught off guard today. I am immersed in the dream of the blue sky and white clouds between the self feeling today, the phone pop up a push, goddess married!!! This guy, published romance considered a hair, the goddess married directly! Hsu Chi Stephen Fung announced a surprise wedding beautiful wedding photo exposure also remember, in the "left for the king", father of older 3S lady Hsu Chi said such a sentence. And today, look at the words. Dream is really a bit like crying… In this "marriage enlightenment", Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung said: "our marriage is so simple, our dress is so casual, our decision is so suddenly," finally blocked the media humor small make up their mouth: "at present not pregnant." The dream is to marry the goddess of deep grilled ring, wedding dress, wedding shoes… The brand price, with the goddess had said: "the wedding is H& M for two years before I, the veil is a bridal shop free pick." I dream of a pinch, the goddess Hsu Chi is wearing a wedding dress from H& M 2014 Conscious Exclusive wedding series, when the price of HK $3990 (about 3500 yuan). The goddess of the wedding ring is Bvlgari Serpenti series Platinum Wedding rings. Smooth ¥ Mens; 11300, diamond woman ¥ 36900. Estimated, now how many wedding brand owners faint cry in the toilet… It was a spring and all star wedding wedding dress style does not match. The goddess with 3000 pieces of PK hundreds of thousands of advanced customization, but without reducing force level. You see, Xun Zhou is wearing Chanel wedding dress, worn by Gao Yuanyuan Chole, Angelababy Dior, wearing a wedding dress worn by Liu Shishi Carven and so on, but also some brand less known, such as Kunling wearing the Lebanese designer founded brand Mikael D, Canada Liyan Tong wearing haute couture brand Georges Hobeika. Such a large brand exposure, H& M did not spend a penny promotion fee, did not do any soft implants, just forward to send a wedding to Hsu Chi. And the sex of Hsu Chi also chose it in marriage. It seems that the boss of the major brands, the actress who invested in advance of this road is OK ah! Make HI H& M light responded at micro-blog, led the masses "eat melon nuqibuzheng" OK, we must ask, H& in people’s impression,; M is like a supermarket clothes, how now has become the most fashionable fashion fashion? Now is the dream time answering questions. As a fast fashion kingdom in the extremely environmentally conscious vanguard of the Swedish brand H& M, as early as 2011 it launched the Conscious E.相关的主题文章: