How not to be away from the hustle and bustle of double 11 Carnival of sorts? "Has been heard about a thousand year old temple in the mountains, only an old monk, after delivering the goods that I send is actually the first of the Millennium single." Walk 2 kilometers of mountain road, came to the history of 1800 dafangsi, Jingdong staff master Huang opened the gate, with a parcel for the Millennium Temple touch to the internet. Recently, a group of Jingdong in Nu River, across the desert, who travel by Temple true story advertising, appeared in the side of the bus station and lift the poster. These rather warm picture, low-key, realistic approach, depicting the soft power of Jingdong logistics, but also with a variety of noisy, emphasizing the marketing efforts to promote a sharp contrast. This group of "the most familiar stranger" with its most brilliant smile and the most simple service for Jingdong to convey a different value and service concept. It seems to be in the release of a signal, Jingdong’s double 11 will not be a lively carnival, but a fanatical background of rational regression. The excitement and bustle of a national Carnival who has been hurt? Never mind, this is November 11th day, because business platform becomes a strong promotional wanted, Carnival became synonymous with "double 11". The universe seems to have what force can stop people for "double 11" craze, but after a brief carnival is a mess, there are many reason behind the hustle and bustle of the feast place to consider. No matter whether you are, businesses various discounts, gifts and other promotional information are accompanied by "double 11" zestfully Pumianerlai, it’s hard not to be a Chinese largest commercial Internet show are coerced and inexplicable impulse shopping to arise spontaneously, you have red eyes stuck in the computer desk the next morning, the loss of belief in rational consumption. What is rational consumption? Have a proper answer is almost: rational consumption is to be the basis of commodity use value and personal expectations coincide, will be used as the only standard to consider experience consumer psychology model. For example, when summer seasonal fruits suddenly to low sales, most people would choose to buy some more, but the summer fruit shelf life is very short, this kind of shopping behavior, it is not rational. Rational consumers will first consider the fit of goods and their needs, and then compare the quality, after-sale, etc., and finally compare prices. A well-known site on the double 11 online shopping survey shows that 61.03% of people because of the cheap in the double shopping, there are about 49.14% of people will regret to buy things. This is the consequence of irrational shopping. Some consumers need to urge to live frugally, consumers need to return some regret is a waste of time for consumers, this is actually a kind of hurt. On the other hand, a short period of delivery, return, focus on the outbreak of logistics and distribution will cause tremendous pressure. Financial writer Wu Xiaobo believes that, as early as the first two years, the geometry of the storm surge in the volume of goods to make the national logistics system again and again to stand the test, resulting in a huge waste of social resources and confusion, double 1.相关的主题文章: