How long can you keep your champagne in the fridge? Many people choose the champagne (Champagne) stored in the refrigerator, but this is only a matter of expediency, the champagne in the fridge will inevitably have a long-term effect on its quality. So, how long can you keep your champagne in the fridge? How long can you keep your champagne in the fridge? Photograph: VinePair actually, if your sparkling wine has been in the fridge for more than a month, you’d better take it out now. The reason for this is that the temperature of the home refrigerator is too low and too dry for champagne. Although the household refrigerator used to store leftovers and all kinds of meat, but everything should be controlled in the moderate range. Whether it is wine or other food, it will always have a bad effect on the refrigerator for a long time. Champagne in the fridge for a long time, the cork will dry. Once the cork dries, whenever you open the refrigerator door, too much oxygen into the bottle of champagne, will make the oxidation, and become indifferent and tasteless. Normally, the refrigerator temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius), and storage of champagne, sparkling wine slips (Cava) and Apeloa mosaic (Prosecco) is the best environment for sparkling wine cellar or basement, the average temperature of 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit (12-16 degrees Celsius). Furthermore, for these sparkling wine, the refrigerator environment is too dry, and the cellar or basement has a certain humidity. Restricted by conditions, most people don’t have a basement in their homes. At this time, you can find a relatively cool, dark corner in the house or buy special wine to store your wine. In a constant temperature and light environment, your Champagne can maintain its complex flavor, which is better than to put it in the refrigerator. Because when your champagne goes in and out of the fridge frequently, the fluctuating temperature can make the quality drop, and lose the attractive flavor. If at this point in your refrigerator is "lying" so one or two bottles of sparkling wine, do not hesitate to get out and enjoy it!相关的主题文章: