Home-and-Family No matter what home furnishings or furniture you choose for your house, it will never be .plete without appropriate home decor. There are many decorative elements available online or from your local furniture store that will match perfectly with your overall decorative theme. These include oil paintings, vases, boxes and trays, candlesticks, figurines, bookends and whole host of other items that are designed to add sophistication and a touch of uniqueness to your home. Here are some ideas for home accents that should turn your house from just another home in the street into the envy of the entire neighborhood. Mirrors: A Reflection of Your Taste Mirrors can do wonders for an otherwise plain room. They reflect light and shade, and you can cleverly arrange the position of other home decorative elements such as lamps and candles to make the best of this property. Not only that, but mirrors can reflect the home furnishings and add another dimension to a room, so making it appear larger than it really is, and they can be used along with paintings to break up a plain wall. There is a huge choice of mirrors available, and few people today would rearrange their home furnishings without paying special attention to the choice of their mirrors. You can add personality to a room with the right mirror, and many 18th and 19th century reproductions have been made specifically to suit 21st century home decor. For example, there is a range of carved wooden mirrors, with intricate scrollwork and decorated in an aged gold leaf finish that is reminiscent of 18th century pre-revolutionary France or a very impressive black Victorian mirror with gold accents. Whether you select one of the many wall mirrors available in an almost infinite range of shapes and sizes, a solid wood mission mirror to match a simpler Shaker style of furnishing, or even swivel or table mirrors that can adjusted to suit the lighting, your home will look brighter and more expansive if you use mirrors as an extensive part of your modern home décor. Table and Floor Lamps Table and floor lamps can .bine with mirrors to provide space and a unique type of home decor. Even without the mirrors, a beautiful Torchier floor lamp looks magnificent, with its round conical art glass shade pointing upwards from an oak 70 inch tall pedestal. You can have the same style of lamp but with the shade pointing downwards as normal, although you get a more subdued light when it is reflected off the ceiling. There are others, such as a unique five foot newel post lamp, with mica panels and hammered copper details. This is significant lamp at 13 inches square, yet takes only a single 40 W light bulb. Table lamps allow incidental personal lighting when needed, and here too you have a massive selection. There are some beautifully constructed mission table lamps available from Simply Amish, and Stickley Furniture also offers a fine range of table lamps. For something special, it is hard to beat a hand-crafted lamp by Frederick Cooper or one of the fabulous Quoizel deigns, such as the Inglenook or Grove Park – any of these would pep up your home decor. You can also get Tiffany style stained glass table lamps for your home. Whatever lamps you choose, they will offer lighting home accents that will offer you another decorative dimension – particularly when you catch them with your mirrors! Beautiful Scents: Modern Home Decor with a Difference There is not much that can beat walking into a home and smelling a lovely fresh floral scent or just a hint of sandalwood. You can achieve this by using scented candles, and add to your home decor by choosing an appropriate set of candlesticks to go with them. There is a large variety of scents available that can even match up with any artificial flowers you may have – add that missing dimension to your silk flowers by burning a floral scented candle or two. Some prefer the more mystic appearance of reed diffusers. The reeds are placed in a vase containing scented or essential oil. The oil moves up the reeds by capillary action and then evaporates into the room. These are long lasting and there is no fire hazard if you have pets or children. Your choice of vase can match your home décor, or be selected to offer a contrasting decorative element to the rest of the room. It all depends on the room, its home furnishings and existing decorative style. You have a choice of many more styles of home furnishings and home decor, and by choosing carefully, an ordinary home can be transformed into a palace! All it takes is imagination, a judicial choice of home accents and the most appropriate decorative elements to enhance what you already have. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: