"Hey, kids" launched Jiang Wenli interpretation of lost women hot – Sohu Jiang Wenli entertainment "Hey, kids" character posters Sohu entertainment news by the famous director Yazhou Yang directed drama "Hey, kid", November 7th, last night officially landed in Zhejiang national TV broadcast alone, "Hey, kids" is a comedy the attitude to the interpretation of tragic life and work, it is to show the audience laugh with tears of life through many sharp and profound topics. The play revolves around three couples giving birth to children with all kinds of wonderful stories. Her crew party rhyme (played by Jiang Wenli) and son Qin Shuanzhu (played by Guo Xiaodong) is a specialist in women infertility, but after the accident lost, want to have another child become hope Jiang Wenli and Guo Xiaodong play a loss of independence for the middle-aged couple, shadows of the marriage of two people as the shadow follows the form, let the twists and turns constantly, the loss of single family, asexual marriage, hidden marriage, marriage, young and old cold violence and other topic are of great practical significance, will bring inspiration and Inspiration of the audience is not the same. The film side revealed that Jiang Wenli in the play acting and the gas explosion, the loss of single women penetrating interpretation. It can be said that Jiang Wenli’s performance is a major aspect of the play.   相关的主题文章: