Hebei added 3 National Wetland Park pilot province up to 20

reporter learned from the provincial forestry department, before the approval by the State Forestry Administration of Lulong province one hundred library I canal Wetland Park, Luanping Tidal River Wetland Park and Renxian County, Ze Wetland Park National Wetland Park pilot unit. So far, the total number of wetland parks in our province reached 20 (including the pilot units in 17).

Lulong one hundred Reservoir Wetland Park is located in Qinhuangdao City, Lulong County, the planning scope includes two main areas, including green ditch and Tsing Lung River, with a total area of 922.88 hectares, wetland area of 616.10 hectares, wetland rate of. Luanping Chao River Wetland Park is located in Chengde City, Luanping County, the planning scope of the main river to the river, with a total area of 554.53 hectares, the wetland rate of 78.87%. Renxian County Wetland Park is located in Xingtai City, Ze Renxian County, planning including Niuweihe, smooth river, Li River, sand river, and river and Liu Lei Xing Zhouhu and water lake, a total area of 971.66 hectares, an area of 416.58 hectares of wetlands, wetland rate was 42.87%.

source: Hebei Daily reporter Cao Zhi