He is a man repeatedly used identity 17 years ago killed the murderer of girls in 1999, 28 year old man from Jiangxi Lu in Hunan killed a 5 year old girl who fled after the. The teacher heard that recently, Wenzhou, Pingyang police successfully arrested lu. What is the details? Listen to the teacher Beth slowly to. This is the identity of the wrong person, this person: a little strange; the police layers deep, finally The case is entirely cleared! At noon on November 7th, Pingyang County Public Security Bureau police station qiancang in a company in the area of temporary staff one by one to verify the identity, the company found that the male employees "Du Mouwu" identity information and I looks different. So, the police let him to the police station for investigation. Police investigators told the teacher Beth, face questioning, the man claimed that his real name is Lu moujia, is county of Jiangxi Province on Si Xi Zhen Ma Gang village. The police again after comparison, found his height and other physical characteristics, there are obvious differences with the real "Lu said,". In order to further confirm their identity, the police let him write "Lu a" family members of the household name, address and other information, he can accurately write out. Knowing that the person is not "Lu man", but the police can not find the exact identity. The police have confused, the man began to repeatedly stressed that he called "Lu man", this unusual move makes the police more sure, there must be a problem. In order to break the deadlock, the police made a bold assumption: "he is familiar with the family, probably a Lu" and "Lu a" close. Subsequently, the Pingyang police for further screening by county Ji 51 fugitives, was a great discovery: a fugitive named Lu, the identity information, past experience and appearance are very consistent with the man. In the presence of a large number of facts, Lumou finally relented confessed in Hunan 17 years ago committed murder. At present, Lumou has been temporarily detained in Pingyang County Detention Center, will soon be handed over to the Hunan police.相关的主题文章: