Hawick Lau was moved to the Wang Ou room two night alone 4 hours [Abstract] the day before, Wang Ou and Hawick Lau witnessed the night when filming in Xinjiang 4 hours. Wang Ou, Hawick Lau, Hawick Lau, Wang Ou (stills) (stills) Zhuo Wei micro-blog. Tencent entertainment news (Wen Xiaoxi) today (9) morning, according to the "All Star" broke the news, Hawick Lau during the filming was photographed at night to Wang Ou room two alone 4 hours, suspected a rail. Tencent entertainment for the first time to contact the two sides of the staff, but as of press time did not receive a reply. In addition, the Tencent entertainment reporters call the crew propaganda, the other said the matter did not know, but the show hasn’t yet complete, the whole team is still tense shooting in Xinjiang Karamay. Last month the 13 day is the birthday of Hawick Lau 42, his wife Yang Mi at micro-blog in blessing said: "in Xinjiang, but do not eat meat glutinous rice Happy birthday, Dad, eat more fruits, in other words, we whisper." After Hawick Lau and Wang Ou cooperation "weekend" parents two times together, "" reckless waste Ji ". In October 14th, the national Scout came to the shooting drama Kramer, but the raging winds, the crew had to temporarily rest, while Wang Ou specially prepared many snacks vegetables in his room number 1109. It is reported that Hawick Lau is at 8 in the evening from his room 1209 at Wang Ou house, together with other people together with the crew. October 15th evening 8:30, Hawick Lau back to the hotel. But back to the hotel Hawick Lau, not long before he went straight to the room until 12:30, Wang Ou carefully go back to the room. According to reports, since Yang Mi and Hawick Lau got married in 2014, has been repeatedly exposed divorce rumors. The day before to know all star on father’s circle of friends broke the news that Yang Mi used to mention his son-in-law Hawick Lau, but since last September 27th has not sent any information about him, for some reason intriguing. Broke the news, there are users comments do not believe! Must be hype!" "Heartache, hold me big power." "Just a word, the drama of the two drama name, not hype ah." "If you just catch the wind and shadow, I will scold you." The first puppy Zhuo Wei this poem comments, reads as follows: "come from the heart of his comeback, clutch of adventures; Kan Yi Island alliance oath, who knows the" Jungle "new luxury" driving margin; jinmaofu, she could not have hate Ping Shan; Liu Lang Qingchuan, white Oufei at Italy since the idle." Users attracted speculation. Tencent entertainment continues to follow up verification. Yang Mi, Hawick Lau (Figure), due to the role of the "Star" was not easy to prove the fact that no divorce was found by the author of the script to break the work of the, she was found on the other side of the work of the people’s Republic of China in the world. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "相关的主题文章: