Hainan special rectification of low-income housing quality problems 7 project manager interviewed affordable housing quality rectification of the seven problems involved in the project enterprise and city departments to be interviewed Hainan Haikou daily news September 17th in our province (reporter correspondent Sun Hui Yang Zhou) reporters today learned from the provincial housing department, recently found that housing quality special safeguard rectification of the problem, the provincial housing and construction office and related enterprises of 7 existing problems of quality and safety of the project involves the building housing authorities focused interviews, which is related to enterprises and cities and counties in the province first large-scale concentrated about the quality and safety problems of the affordable housing project of the Department in charge of housing construction. August 8th to 18, the province’s inspection teams (except three Shashi) in various cities and counties to carry out special rectification quality affordable housing, a total sample of 85 projects, issued the "engineering quality and safety supervision and inspection rectification notice 38 copies" and "construction engineering quality safety supervision and law enforcement advice book" in 8, related enterprises and cities the 7 relates to the quality and safety problems of the project department in charge of housing construction focusing on interviews, and urge the competent department of the local territorial supervision duties, supervision of the relevant units immediately rectification, affordable housing project quality hidden trouble to eliminate.相关的主题文章: