The families of Hainan students died mysteriously: suspected imitation violent games in Hainan province Jinshan middle school students of Zhuang Han was found in the town of animal husbandry and veterinary station of death dormitory two floor of the home, this caused widespread concern in the community (viewpoint newspaper edition in September 10th has been reported). Recently, the reporter learned from the Wenchang police, the police Wenchang City Public Security Bureau and the Hainan Provincial Department of criminal technology identification expert group consultation: Han Zhuang’s death ruled out homicide. This incident triggered a reflection on the psychological health of young people. Some psychologists suggest that some young people addicted to violent online games, the concept of life has a profound negative impact. In this regard, the school should strengthen the mental health education of young students, strengthen the life education for students; parents should strengthen communication with their children, and guide children to rebuild the respect for life and identity, the whole society for the children to build a mental firewall". Police: the scene was no clue others at noon on September 7, 2016, the Wenchang Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command center received the alarm call, Jin Town animal husbandry station two dormitory building, a child named Han Mouzhuang hanging in the house beam, with his hands tied, mouth covered with transparent plastic, after the rescue invalid death. Jinshan police station the first time out of the police to protect the scene. After receiving the report, Wenchang municipal government attaches great importance to the director of the Wenchang Municipal Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau Lin Gang immediately led the Criminal Investigation Brigade investigators, forensic technicians, more than and 20 police rushed to the scene to carry out site survey and investigation work. Hainan provincial public security department also sent a group of experts led by the field of criminal technology deputy director Han Jinghua guidance. Jin Town, Wenchang City Education Bureau and other departments at the same time to appease the families of the deceased and the students in the school psychological counseling. After investigation, the deceased named Han Zhuang, 14 years old this year, Jin Shan Zhen Bei Po Bei Cun, Jinshan middle school students, now living in Jin Shan Zhen Jin Road No. 17 dormitory building two animal husbandry station. After investigation, the room door intact, windows, anti-theft network intact, no signs of climbing the balcony; the room items neat, no property loss, without turning, traces of the battle. The forensic inquest, the dead were excluded after the death of rope hanging, the Department of mechanical asphyxia death. In front of the neck constricted channel and bilateral wrist cable ditch, body mechanical injury and no other. Physical and chemical tests, and the elimination of toxic substances (poison). Two white nylon rope rope scene for double slipknot DNA identification and extraction of knots; yellow packaging tape on the scene from the dead and I did not find other types of DNA. Along the way through the transfer of video and visiting the surrounding masses, school students, on the day of the way back to the dorm, did not find someone trailing and other abnormal. After investigation, the two "enemy" deceased father han to provide, at the time of alibi, does not have the time to commit the crime, has ruled out the possibility of committing a crime. Family members: "a strong suspicion imitate violent games left, after a lapse of several days, the family still can not believe that children did so, but not out of grief." A strong uncle on behalf of his family on behalf of the whole family to assist the police solve the case. After a long time with his grandparents life, cheerful and lively personality, really can not think why he would commit suicide." Crown said the police cracked the case相关的主题文章: