"Guanxi" on behalf of Xu China fun black humor is like down to Earth – Sohu on behalf of Xu Guan Qiang Sohu with entertainment entertainment news of contemporary urban humor comedy "China type relationship" is Beijing TV, Dragon TV hit, the play by Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Hu He, Xu and other co principal play, fast paced, full of surprise. The play off strong play on behalf of Xu and Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili wits, with excellent acting and lovable people, by netizens in the "down to earth" Mister ". The new generation of Asahi resonance caused by the role of "black humor" is like the "realistic embrace the stars the moon", the screen with a new generation of small meat Asahi "China type" reproduction screen. The show aired a few days, the ratings will be frequently victory, breaking the 1 three days before the premiere, also ranked Beijing Oriental two Taiwan ratings of the top three rankings. The Asahi challenges a generation of "black humor", a bitter and warm interwoven "small potatoes" interpretation of the true to life, and the old drama of bone Chen Jianbin drama, is the perfect interpretation of the ordinary young people hard work and persistence, get a lot of praise. For rather delight "Guanqiang" in a corner, a lot of friends said: "I have seen that this is the most down to earth’s boss, not the same as those with the outside coquettish bitch". Especially, the strong off through the pre production site for the opportunity of cooperation of the plot, impressive, it’s with your resume needs polishing, the first to win the opportunity to have the development space ", also the netizen joked," after all, not every person was born with a golden key, a lot of bosses is the ‘Wolf’, but we always prepared". Mister Mister false becomes true inspirational "off Xiaojian" poor but turning to the role, on behalf of Xu also said "Mister" this status is not simple, although there is a corner of "ancient grandmother" dubbed "Xiaoguanzi" play, "by others smile off a small base", with a lot of jokes, but the play has been to the "total" conduct, "but he early to pretend to be a manager, later turned into a real boss." Even the shooting scene, the director also jokingly called him off. Xu Xu added, Guan Qiang is not a dead character, there is a temperature." Take "old grandma" that scene falls, Guanqiang acquisition courtyard, first in a threatening manner with contracts is a ancient grandma chased, old man falls off strong first time carried her to the hospital, and with care for the elderly, but become overbearing president guy, not to let people laughing and crying. This generation of Asahi said, "perhaps Guanqiang represents a part of young people, young kind, in order to succeed, one step by step inspirational entrepreneurial success, some small clever bluff, laugh at myself with bitterness, but he can always laugh at everything, optimistic and positive, which I also appreciate his point." Business off the total growth of small, is bound to go through many hardships, please lock the China type relationship between Beijing TV, Oriental TV continued to hit ".相关的主题文章: