Guangdong Residence Permit policies to be adjusted: annual endorsement occupied only half a year to do information times news (reporter Liu Yuxiong) Guangdong to apply for a residence permit or there will be a new policy adjustment. Yesterday, the "Regulations on the management of floating population service in Guangdong province (Revised Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") office official website to hang out in a legal and public comment. Among the proposed regulations, without the endorsement of one year residence permit. Lived only half a year residence permit draft defines the conditions for a residence permit: citizens leave the location of permanent residence, to other city living more than half a year, with a legitimate and stable employment, stable legal residence, one of the conditions of continuous studying, can according to the provisions of these Regulations apply for a residence permit. This means that the residence permit to apply for residence registration can be accepted for six months, is no longer with the office. What materials can be used for residence permit? Clear the new provisions of the draft: apply for a residence permit, shall be submitted to the local police station or residence by the public security organs entrusted by the township, street of floating population service and management institutions to submit my identity card, photograph, address and residence, employment, and other supporting material at. Among them, the residence proof of residence including rental contract, housing property certificate, the purchase contract or the lessor, the employer, the school issued proof of accommodation; proof of employment including business license, the labor contract, the employer issued labor relations or other proof can prove that there is a legitimate and stable employment materials etc. including student ID card, certificate of study; the other can prove that the continuous studying materials issued by the school. Residence permit endorsement fees not worth mentioning is that the provisions of the draft "residence permit for the endorsement of one year, and clearly, the residence permit holder continuous residence in the residence, should be in a residence each year, month, to the local police station or by the public security organs entrusted by the township, street the floating population service management organization procedures for endorsement. Overdue for visa, residence permit the use of suspension function. The provisions of the draft, the floating population residence registration, change of registration, live for the first time to receive a residence permit and residence permit endorsement procedures, handling units shall not collect fees. The floating population due to loss, damage and replacement, renewal of residence, pay the fee according to the provisions. The residence permit fee charges formulated by the competent price departments in the financial sector. How to make a suggestion? If there are relevant opinions can log in the provincial Legislative Affairs Office official website, enter the legislative advice column to fill in. Deadline for October 18th.相关的主题文章: