Gloria Tang asked bluntly "new standard red ex boyfriend." according to media reports, Hongkong singer Gloria Tang had contact with Yoga Lin, two people in 2013 also had a high-profile fit to participate in the Golden Melody Awards, did not expect the next year will be declared broke, broke each other’s relationship was an embarrassment to both sides. Recently Gloria Tang on a variety show, mentioned new standards, but Gloria Tang said: "red ex boyfriend is good, let Yoga Lin again. When Gloria Tang and Yoga Lin contacts with vigour and vitality two had, in the streets of Hongkong and the paparazzi bar, but after the break has become the most familiar stranger, the number of taking a firefight, after a lapse of 3 years, Yoga Lin now contacts with Ding Wenqi and Hua Chenyu, Gloria Tang, et al have fresh meat metrosexual man came love, but has not been confirmed. According to media reports, Gloria Tang recently participated in the program, the host was asked about the ideal type of Venus, she said: "not handsome, also not too high, it is good." Venus digging asked: "at present boyfriend in line with what standard?" She stammered, her boyfriend is not to ask for "red you?" Gloria Tang responded: "I’m not red, red past my boyfriend just fine." Later, the 25 year old Gloria Tang in the program make a wish, hope that after 2 years to get married.相关的主题文章: