Generous! Shuozhou this year will focus on the implementation of 84 major urban construction projects

this year, Shuozhou will focus on the implementation of the Luqiao project, Qilihe, 84 major urban construction projects such as comprehensive management of the project, with a total investment of $9 billion 230 million." This morning at the seven session of the twelve National People’s Congress of Shuozhou delegation group meeting, the provincial people’s Congress, deputy secretary of Shuozhou Municipal Committee, acting mayor Liu Zhihong said that this year Shuozhou will be the transformation of the construction of comprehensive reform area as a guide, the 16 existing industrial park according to the regional integration of the 6 development zones, the planning area from the original 150 square kilometers expanded to 293 square kilometers.

Liu Zhihong said that Shuozhou will firmly adhere to the transformation of comprehensive reform and innovation driven development, with major reform, major issues and major projects to support and institutional innovation, with the reform to break the economic and social development problem. "13th Five-Year" period, Shuozhou City Economic Development Zone and the north of Shanxi province (Shuozhou) modern coal chemical industry development zone to build a national development zone. Build 4 Youyu Development Zone, Huairen, Yingxian County and Pinglu into provincial development zone. By 2020, the GDP of the 6 development zones in the city’s GDP will be increased from the current 13% to more than 25%, accounting for more than 50% of the city in 2025.

to the people’s livelihood and strategic projects as the focus, Liu Zhihong said Shuozhou in 2017 will focus on the implementation of the Luqiao project, landscaping, lighting engineering, landscape engineering, water engineering, sewage works, garbage treatment project, comprehensive treatment project, Qilihe public service projects, commercial network engineering 10 84 key urban construction projects, a total investment of 9 billion 230 million yuan. "At the same time, we will be stronger and stronger tourism industry and three services." Liu Zhihong said that this year, Shuozhou will actively promote the reform of the Yingxian Wood Tower, Shuocheng District Chongfu temple and other scenic spots and improve institutional mechanisms to promote integrated development of tourism and culture, sports, finance and other industries, to further enhance the core competitiveness of scenic spots. At the same time, will also promote the development of the logistics, transportation, mine maintenance such as producer services, as well as finance, insurance, leasing, brokerage, technology, information, consulting, business and exhibition to focus on modern service industry.

In addition, Liu Zhihong said that this year, Shuozhou will also be the basic direction of animal husbandry as the supply side of the reform of agriculture, the implementation of 1 million acres of high-quality forage cultivation, improvement of acres of grassland, Mu Mu project of 1 million acres of the project, said:

". (source: Shanxi evening news reporter to Vivian)