From the "growing pains" to see the American family education – the era of maternal and child globalization Sohu let us contact more closely with other countries, thinking is more diverse. About education is more open, national education ideas have learned from each other and gather. Some people say the earth is a village, the village mayor candidate Hilary Clinton will also be the monograph named for village power". So we can look at the United States education ideas which can be used for reference. We take "growing pains" as a window to see American family education. "Growing pains" is based on a typical American family, tells the story of a little bit between parents and children. The play contains many examples of parents to educate their children, the image of the parents in the education of the children’s growth process, for us to understand the American family education provides a good platform. The west is a family of two children, two sons, a daughter, a father and a mother. Father Jasensif (JasonSeaver): a psychological doctor, to support his wife Maggie to return to work the clinic at home, easy to take care of their children. Mcgee – Maggie (Seaver): a newspaper reporter, serious and responsible work; in order to take care of the family and children to leave the workplace for 15 years, after the return. Eldest son Maksif (Mike Seaver): Grade 10 students. Learning is not ideal, like chasing girls, often cause some trouble. The eldest daughter Carolsifer (Caro Seaver): 9 graders, studious, some "nerd" gas. The second son of Burnsif (Ben Seaver): 9, 3 grade students, Morphling, some strange ideas. Young girl Kriscif (Chrissy Seaver) is a lovely elf. (a) the purpose of family education in the United States parents focus on the ability to cultivate children. The aim is to train the children to be able to adapt to society. They have relatively little intervention in their children, and have developed their ability to live independently. When they were very young, they were asked to do some housework, such as cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes and so on. Can be seen that the independence of the United States children are raised in the family since childhood. American parents think that the child is an independent individual, from the initial eating, walking, sleeping, let the children themselves to face and overcome difficulties, in order to cultivate children’s independent and strong character. What parents do is to support and encourage their children, not to help them solve problems directly. In the "growing pains", Mike, Ben and the smallest Carrol, Chris, they finished the dinner with his own dishes in the sink out, everyone turns out the garbage, cleaning his room. When wearing a very sexy girl to find Mike, and when Jason and the couple had to go out, although Mcgee was worried about the two children will happen shouldn’t happen, but Jason persuaded Mcgee to say: "I know what you’re worried about, but we can’t decide for Mike, no matter what happens he will have to learn to face". When this.相关的主题文章: