"Fox" screen in the latest poster hit badly adorable little meat girl – Sohu entertainment   Huang Junjie white Sheng [Click to view HD stills] until you finally! "Fox" network drama screen video will premiere on the Sohu in November 21st! From the early to the broadcast, after six months, it is said to eat melon masses until the flowers are grateful! See you so desire to "screen" Fox network drama, is anxious to see the little girl are fresh, adorable, the trailer is not fun? Then a domineering wave poster, you have to withstand! First of all, of course, is the heroine of our play, set of three high Yan value of God in favor of a man, is how many girls dream ah. The name Zheng Xuejing, looks handsome, lovely and sweet in the poster, we can see a blue snow white "Zheng lying on the sea, like the fairies, although not very pretty and charming, beauty, but is still properly Lolita a small, full of fairies!   Liu Xinqi Zheng Xuejing Zheng Xuejing in the corner by the popular actor who plays Liu Xinqi, Liu Xinqi looks sweet, Zheng Xuejing’s character most incisive, vivid. In the play, Zheng Xuejing is a painter full of wit in the capital, operating a shop screen handed down, but his unfortunate sudden serious illness, fate at this time to Zheng Xuejing made a joke, she found her bestie loved her boyfriend cheating, and two people had to get married. In the two’s wedding night, she was drunk into a different world in the crevice pub, accidentally get a royal Xian pen on the screen. Three male fox, wonderful life begins! The writers in shaping Zheng Xuejing’s corner, not only the appearance of fresh and refined, and bold personality, dare to love and hate, and occasionally some black belly, this is a lovable character, if only the sweet face, the hostess will slightly boring, as we can see from the poster Zheng Xuejing stubborn little look, the task of image positioning. Liu Xinqi is a new actor, can grasp the role of the task so accurately, showing how strong their performance skills.   Luo Yunxi Kim Yan the next stage was fascinated thousands of girls heart Prince Yu Yan Chi Sha adults. Dressed in red appearance, domineering, handsome! Yu Yan poster hand fan, sharp eyes, and task role "character high cold arrogant, always an ice face match. Yu Yan is the red wind fox, so clothing is good intentions, red is a warm, warm, a dark red dress, seemingly face stiff cold, but hot cold, love praised by others, uh, this is not a sense of foot baa overbearing president of the. In the story, and the female Lord Zheng Xuejing Yu Yan and sadomasochism touching, but all love to kill the scene is child heart ah, but the male handsome appearance, presumably any girls can not refuse it, it is said that in the play and the fox posing sell adorable plot, this is not sweet the rhythm? Yu Yan is right by the popular actor who plays Luo Yunxi, the handsome, is small to Chen, Luo Yunxi and fox think the potential new small meat into!相关的主题文章: