Watch the five criteria selection and introduction: as a high-end luxury watches for popular index and seasonal effects and price, instead of a value added value; auction success, limited edition products, tailored, regular price increases, it is these factors make the table name brand has the value function. How to choose a watch with high coefficient of preservation? (source: men help – men fashion sharing) pay attention to the public number "have cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! Brand selection, brand selection, brand determines everything, choose a brand that has the potential to maintain value and appreciation, determines the value of this table 90%, but the brand appeal is not high prices, the focus is professional. Many brands, the most favored by the market, in addition to the Patek Philippe and Rolex prices rising at auction, a self movement watch factory watch brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Piaget, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard Perregaux, also have excellent strength. The process and selection of the selected movement movement with no movement to watch it, although the quartz crisis brought no small impact to the Swiss watchmaking industry, but accounted for in a stable position or a mechanical movement. In fact, as long as the mechanical watches as long as proper maintenance, the use of a hundred years is absolutely not a problem. The local mechanical watch most valuable, is that through small movement can put the calendar, week, month, time and other complex functions show, and little movement, is a world, a brand sign, because only it can show the unique exquisite technology. The limited selection, the limited selection, the best are always limited. This is the truth in truth. If the best can be copied infinitely, then it becomes a virtual word. Limited is a tempting word stands for replication and mediocre disdain, represents the money does not necessarily get at any time. It proves to some extent that the owner has some kind of privilege. Privileges must be inseparable with identity and status. Limited cleverly Liaobo people subconscious sensitive possessive. The price of watches is not high, if you can pick a lasting watch, let you play outside the table can make a profit. But the Panerai event, or to allow more people to the so-called "limited" observe attitude. The selection of precious metals, the selection of precious metals, in addition to the process and brand, watch value preservation or not with the use of metal has a great relationship, for metal materials understanding is relatively important. Generally speaking, the production of a watch, most of the movement of brass, watchcase part of Huang Kjin, rose gold, white gold and platinum four kinds, many consumers think Rose Gold is the most valuable, in fact, not. The best price and value protection first platinum, followed by Huang Kjin, rose gold, and finally the white gold. The selection of the craft, the selection of the craft, the rare material for the good watch.

挑选保值腕表的五大准则   导语:名表作为一种高档奢侈品因不受流行指数、季节不同的影响而降价,相反有着保值增值的作用;拍卖佳绩、限量产品、量身定制、定期提价,正是这些因素使名表品牌有了保值增值的功用。如何挑选一款保值系数高的名表呢?(来源:男人帮-男士时尚分享) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   品牌的挑选 品牌的挑选   品牌决定了一切,挑选一款具有保值与升值潜力的品牌,就决定了这只表90%的价值,但品牌诉求不在价格高,重点是专业。众多品牌中,最受到市场青睐的,除了在拍卖会上价位不断攀升的Patek Philippe与Rolex之外,有自制机芯表厂的腕表品牌如Vacheron Constantin、Audemars Piguet、Breguet、Piaget、Cartier、Jaeger-LeCoultre、Girard Perregaux等,也都有极佳的实力。   机芯的挑选 机芯的挑选   腕表所有的工艺和点缀都没有机芯来的实在,石英危机虽然给瑞士制表业带来不小的冲击,但占领圈内稳定地位的还是机械机芯。其实,只要机械表只要保养得当,使用百年绝对不成问题。机械表最有价值的地方,就在于通过小小的机芯却能把日历、星期、月份、报时等各种复杂功能展现出来,而小小的机芯,就是一个世界,一个品牌的招牌,因为只有它能展现各家独特的精湛技术。   限量的挑选 限量的挑选   最好的总是有限的。这话是真理中的真理。如果最好的可以被无限复制,那么也就成为了一个被虚化的词。限量是个诱人的词儿,代表着对复制和平庸的鄙夷,代表着有钱也不一定随时买得到。它在某种程度上证明了拥有者的某种特权。特权,一定与身份与地位形影不离。限量 巧妙地撩拨人们潜意识中敏感的独占欲。不怕腕表的价格高,若能挑到一款保值长青的腕表,让你在玩表之外还能获利满满。但沛纳海事件,还是让更多人对所谓的“限量”保持观察态度。   贵金属的挑选 贵金属的挑选   除了工艺与品牌,腕表保值与否跟采用的金属有极大关系,对于金属各种材质的了解就相对的重要。一般来说,一只腕表的制作,机芯大多采用黄铜,表壳的部分则有黄K金、玫瑰金、白K金与铂金四种,有很多消费者认为玫瑰金是最具价值的,其实不然。价位与保值最佳的首先是铂金,接着是黄K金、玫瑰金,最后是白K金。   工艺的挑选 工艺的挑选   对好的腕表来说,稀有材质与工艺技术也能增加腕表价值,但重点除了宝石本身的质量之 外,工艺更是重要。蛋白石、玉、珊瑚与钻石多变的珠宝腕表,或采用珐琅彩绘的表盘,如Patek Philippe擅长的“The art of cloisonnéenameling掐丝珐琅艺术”,精致、罕见,让腕表如同艺术品般,值得收藏。相关的主题文章: