"Fetish" man stealing underwear to addiction. 1 women have been stolen homemade – Beijing, everyone has their own hobbies, but Zhao hobby makes him difficult out of the ordinary. The evening of October 12th, in the dead of night, he went out on the road, stop looking for attention. Finally, he stopped at the entrance of a residential building, skillfully on the balcony of the women’s underwear stolen…… The next morning, Dongchuan District Luoxue mine retired compound Ms. Tang found himself on the first floor balcony drying underwear feel collapse, take wings to itself, because this has been repeatedly stolen. She was reported to the police. Surveillance video captured the suspect, holding a stick, will choose to go on the balcony drying underwear. Dongchuan District Public Security Bureau village police station after investigation, found Zhao, he admitted everything, regretfully bowed his head and said: "I know that their behavior is shameful, but I can’t control myself, always want to steal underwear can’t help." Zhao account, I do not know when to start, he was particularly fascinated women underwear. At first, he pretended to my girlfriend at the mall to buy underwear, underwear to touch, gradually the act he met, he began to plot the residents of the home on the balcony drying underwear. A psychiatrist said, Zhao’s behavior is typical of the fetish, is a kind of psychological disease, complicated causes. With the fetish, it is clear that this behavior itself is not normal, but it is difficult to control, simply saying that "can’t help". Zhao’s behavior is not the general theft behavior, I hope you do not simply laugh and condemn. At the same time it is also recommended to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible, professional treatment, early rehabilitation. Cloud newspaper all media reporter He Jin相关的主题文章: