Haikou female owner of BMW open to the 4S shop maintenance stores opened million single women’s BMW 4S shop car repair in strange was just to maintain results out of stores million yuan maintenance the South China Sea Avenue Baoyue 4S shop, after consultation with the female owner only to pay the maintenance fee is located in Nanhai Avenue Bao Yue 4S shop. Southern Metropolis Daily News October 28th (reporter Zhang Wang Wen period map) "I was going to do maintenance, but they gave me a ten thousand yuan maintenance list, which is too outrageous?" The afternoon of October 27th, Haikou citizens Ms. Chen suffered a let her worry about: 25 on the morning of 9, her own BMW car to the South China Sea Avenue Baoyue 4S shop (hereinafter referred to as the "4S store") as the normal maintenance, agreed to 5000 yuan maintenance costs, in the afternoon the car, car time again the delay, in this process, 4S shop gave Ms. Chen opened a 10 thousand yuan maintenance. Maintenance of the vehicle received a repair list, according to Ms. Chen, 25 am, she will go to the maintenance period of the BMW car to 4S shop maintenance. According to past practice, she just want to change the oil, do regular maintenance, is expected to spend thousands of yuan. Responsible for the reception of her staff was told that her vehicle has traveled more than 70 thousand kilometers, according to the maintenance manual, need to do a project to clean, and make a list of the maintenance, maintenance costs from a list before 1000 yuan maintenance costs, soared to 5000 yuan. "At that time, I think the staff suggested that the basic can be accepted, they promised to maintain their recommendations, and fill in the delivery order." Ms Chan said that the two sides agreed to the same day around 5 p.m.. Ms. Chen day after work, we call the 4S shop for car, the reception of her staff also told the vehicle maintenance has been done, you can put the car, but taking into account is in the rush hour traffic jam may, Ms. Chen went to the process, advised her 26 day earlier to mention cars. 26 early in the morning, Ms. Chen once again call the 4S shop staff to ask for a car, but the staff told her the vehicle broke down, dashboard failure lights, the master still test, but also not to wash the car, put the car later advised her to work in the afternoon. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Chen received a phone call 4S shop staff, said the vehicle two shock absorber oil leakage occurs, and will soon need to repair the replacement parts, the price of ms.. Chen, according to the staff to send a single quote over the maintenance, the maintenance costs of up to 13000 yuan. "My car into the store is good, how suddenly to repair?" This makes Ms. Chen very puzzled. The store displayed false advertising billboards. Scared woman refused to repair shops and I received after the maintenance and staff communication, found that they offer a high and low for a while." Ms Chan said that the staff told the need to replace the shock absorber quote each is more than 3000 yuan, the results are given on the repair list is more than 4000 yuan, while the price of each online inquiry as long as more than 2000 yuan. Subsequently, Ms. Chen told the 4S shop staff, she is not in the store.相关的主题文章: