F1 qualifying "crazy 90 seconds to escape" the new rules postponed to Spain F1 qualifying "90 second flight" new rules for software can not be ready to delay implementation of sina sports news has been looking forward to 90 second "crazy exodus F1" qualifying new rules will be postponed to the Spanish Grand Prix onwards, the reason is F1 the official could not prepare the time new rules need good software system. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone on "the independent" said: "the new qualifying rules will not be implemented immediately, because we have to get everything ready. We couldn’t get ready for the new software, so the new qualifying rules should be started in spain. Australia also worn qualifying rules." In February 24th, the F1 team responsible for the people who have voted to launch a new qualifying rules, every 90 seconds out of the slowest driver, in order to increase the qualifying ornamental. The modified qualifying is divided into three sections, respectively 16, 15, 14 minutes. Q1 a total of 16 minutes, 7 minutes after the slowest driver was eliminated, then every 90 seconds for a driver to slowly be eliminated, until the end of Q1, out in the first qualifying 7 drivers, 15 drivers to qualify for Q2. Q2 total of 15 minutes, a driver 6 minutes after the slowest is eliminated, a driver after every 90 seconds the slowest was eliminated, until the end of the Q2, 7 drivers in the qualifying game, 8 drivers advance to Q3. Q3 a total of 14 minutes, 5 minutes after the slowest driver is eliminated, a driver then every 90 seconds the slowest was eliminated until the end of Q3, the last 90 seconds of the first two riders compete for the final pole. (Sina racing Woody)

F1排位赛“90秒疯狂逃亡”新规则延后至西班牙站 F1排位赛“90秒逃亡”新规则因软件无法就绪而被延后实施   新浪体育讯  备受期待的“90秒疯狂大逃亡”F1排位赛新规则将被延后至西班牙大奖赛起实施,原因是F1官方无法及时准备好新规则需要的计时软件系统。   F1老板伯尼-埃克莱斯顿对《独立报》说到:“新的排位赛规则不会马上实施,因为我们还没有把一切都准备好。我们无法及时准备好新的软件,所以新的排位赛规则应该会在西班牙站开始启用。澳大利亚站还会用旧的排位赛规则。”   2月24日,F1车队负责人已经投票通过推出全新的排位赛规则,用每90秒淘汰最慢车手的方式,以此增加排位赛的观赏性。   修改后的排位赛依旧分为三节,分别为16、15、14分钟。   Q1总计16分钟,7分钟后最慢的一位车手被淘汰,随后每相隔90秒最慢的一位车手被淘汰,直到Q1结束,在第一节排位赛7位车手出局,15位车手晋级到Q2。   Q2总计15分钟,6分钟后最慢的一位车手被淘汰,随后每隔90秒最慢的一位车手被淘汰,直到Q2结束,7位车手在这节排位赛出局,8位车手晋级到Q3。   Q3总计14分钟,5分钟后最慢的一位车手被淘汰,随后每隔90秒最慢的一位车手被淘汰直到Q3结束,最后90秒前二名车手争夺最后的杆位。   (新浪赛车 Woody)相关的主题文章: