Emmy drama actress makeup to see full resolution! Bazaar micro signal: bazaar-china as control TV you see Emmy award it? These usually in the TV play a demon Xian actors, and finally to their identity with everyone on the red carpet. Barbara today I will take you a pa pa Emmy riotous with colour makeup, see who is who is more beautiful! Well! Look so hot eyes to provoke stylist? The right game "this also took a lot of awards, but played two daughter Arya actress Maisie Williams’s red carpet makeup but some shocking Na, the heavy Liu Haidang in the faint green smoke before the feet was too hard and the entire makeup and did not show green and fresh, to a a greasy feeling, the focus is: very old wood? After seeing eye wash hot summer popular Korean women learn makeup strength Liao han! Delicate red carpet makeup full resolution! Afraid of mistakes? The same color eye lip to save you see "in" Downton lady, raspberry lipstick is also slightly retro beauty! Look at the periphery of her eye makeup is also used with the color of eye shadow halo, no wonder the whole makeup is very harmonious. Although the color is bright, but the interpretation of the Michelle Dockery intellectual and elegant, full marks! Warm skirt with warm makeup just so good! I did not expect it, as the guest of honor Mandy Moore appearances but the United States after a lot of girls! Dressed in orange color of her dress, makeup also chose a warm and lively warm coral, face large coral blush makes her look fabulous, moist coral Lip Glaze lips look at abundance. Something different color Eyeliner as Miss Universe 2012 champion, is NickJonas’s ex girlfriend Olivia Culpo, the debut Emmy makeup simple and stunning, the liner under the violet touch, put a ground color makeup instantly become red carpet darling passers-by! Red lips perfect CP! Vermilion is always fashionable and elegant pronoun, the Priyanka Chopra chose the same color and dress their red matte lipstick, texture light looks very persistent, is a good choice to walk the red carpet. Neatly combed to the eyebrow makeup plus a lot of points, there is a natural advantage to Indian eyelash sister is really envy ah! Last-gasp goal! Makeup makeup and dress dress in the same color echo has been red carpet lore skills! Emily was wearing a dark blue Zac Posen beautiful dress, makeup also chose the same color of the secret static Navy small smoke, with nude lips that the focus of the entire makeup are placed in the eyes, cheeks deep & deeper sense of contour. Emily ratajkowski Navy smokey-eye make-up Ba sister to teach you get with Step 1 in the eye sockets with matte nude color eye shadow halo, create a depression effect, with black eyeliner backing, to highlight the blue eye shadow to prepare for later. Step 2 with eye shadow brush halo black eyeliner, dip with metallic blue eye socket cover. Step 3 then use light gold eyeshadow to eye number one相关的主题文章: